Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Work mornings are hard for me. I hit the snooze but about 19.65 times before I ever decide to get up and get moving. Tomorrow morning I have to do it all with J in tow. I thought I might speed up the process and look for some easy hair up-dos. 


People on the internet have perfect hair, have you noticed that? No curl, no wave, no stuck-your-finger-in-a-light-socket fly aways. I've been standing in my bathroom for the last 15 minutes trying a "sock bun" and all I have to show is a cut up pair or socks and a whole heads worth of hair on the floor. 

Then I decided to make sure we are ready for the rush tomorrow morning. I can't pack my lunchbox because most of it needs to stay cold and while I was running around, the dryer started screaming again. Of course, the hubby is barely reachable due to crappy internet in Canada but he was able to walk me through fixing it. Two words: grease everywhere. 

I'm done with you, Tuesday. We'll try again next week.

-Frizzy, Greasy, Mess

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