Monday, April 2, 2012


Sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them some of the things B says to me. So, I decided I would just make a blog post of some of the more recent ones.

This is B.

One the way to the Keys.
B: Man, I forgot to shave my toes for the trip.

Same trip a little later.
B: I think I'm going to shave a little bit below my nose.
Me: Why is that?
B: Because I want to get a good suction with my goggles. If I don't, then my goggles will fill up with water, I'll begin to drown, which will make me flail about. That will attract a shark and then I'll get eaten. I don't want to get eaten.

A few nights ago talking about the dog.
Me: I think Bonnie gets her night preferences from me. You know, she likes to sleep all day and roam about at night like I do.
B: Hun, I think they call ladies of the night Hookers.

Quite some time ago at the beach driving around.
Me: Isn't it beautiful down here? The weather is so amazing!
B: Yeah yeah. Do I have a booger up my nose?

Gotta love that B!