Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 27

Week 27.. 13 weeks until we meet Baby B! Things are really picking up around here. Showers are being planned, registries are sort of getting done and baby shows are being booked. We've also began work on the nursery... kind of. We've gone in and started drawing on the walls what we want to do and making sure our ideas are matching up. The bump picture was taken in the nursery again and you can see some of the drawing in the background. I thought it would be fun to show my progress and the room's progress at the same time.

As I mentioned before, we were at the beach all last week. We had a great time relaxing with family and enjoying some much needed time on the beach. My dad and B have this obsession with go-cart tracks. Every time we go on vacation together, they, along with my brother, have to race around a track at least once. There was a track down the street from my grandparent's house where we were staying so we walked down one day. As they were racing around the track, the lovely track attendant decided to drop his two cents on my pregnancy. The conversation went something like this:

Track guy: So why aren't you guys racing?
Me: *Patting belly*
TG: Oh I guess that's a good reason.
*Gives me a puzzled look*
TG: You're pregnant?! How far along are you?
Me: 26 weeks.
TG: Wow. How old are you?
Me: 25.
TG: *Shakes head* Babies having babies.

WHAT?! Are you seriously telling me I was just told I was too young to have kids by a man who is working a teenagers dream job?! I was terribly upset by this. Maybe 25 is too young for some but I've been married for 2 years, graduated from college and am currently work my dream job. Why not add a little more joy into my personal life?

Ugh. Some people.

I'm dropping two bump pictures on you today. The first is a picture that B took last week while on the beach at sunset and the other is this week's current picture.

This week, Baby B is the size of a rutabaga. What do you do with those? At this point, the baby can survive, with medical assistance, outside my body but I've seen much smaller before. Her brain stem is almost fully developed and her cerebral cortex is also growing more and more. So she's basically becoming a complex, karate kicking, hand grasping little person in there. She's also measuring between 13 and 14 inches and weighs in between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds. That's a good size baby, if you ask me.

The good: My Snoogle pillow is really making sleep much easier so I feel a little more rested in the morning. And as most weeks, I still love feeling my little one kicking around in there. Though, the absence of kicks causes me to stay awake until I sit up and hunch over so my lungs crowd the baby's space and forces her to kick. Sorry, kid.

The bad: B got a recliner from my parents a few weeks ago and we realized that it is perfect for when my feet are swollen. It usually takes one short nap in the chair and my ankles are back down to size. A few days ago I noticed a nasty adverse effect. I realized that my hands were going numb and my elbows felt tingly. Yep. Somehow reclining causes fluid to shift in my hands and makes my carpel tunnel flare up. Awesome. And better yet, the baby also sits on my sciatic nerve which makes my legs hurt halfway through the day. I'm also eating Tums like they're Skittles these days but I'd take those symptoms any day over being sick. Oh, and I'm also still having contractions.

So we've covered last week, bump pictures, unsolicited opinions and my pity party. Sounds like a typical week in the B house!

See you next week.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 26

I would normally see this as just another week but I'm starting to relate every week that ticks by with the quickly diminishing remaining weeks. So while this is week 26, I see it as 14 weeks until baby B makes his or her big debut and we don't even have the nursery ready. Scratch that. We haven't even started the nursery. Procrastination at its finest.

Fortunately, we are at the beach so the nursery is the furthest thing from my mind. 2 years ago, me and B got married on the beach in the middle of some of the worst rain I've ever seen. Now, we have come back for the first time since then to celebrate. We went to dinner at The Boatyard, which was fantastic and then ended up with a sort of friendly game of putt putt. I lost. I owe him a milkshake of his choice. I'm still trying to renegotiate the terms of my loss.

I'm posting from my iPad so I'm not sure where the picture is going to end up. This picture was taken before we left for dinner. Anniversaries are a big deal for us so we dressed in our finest for dinner.

This week, Baby B is the size of a head of lettuce. Pretty big if you ask me. He weighs in between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds and is measuring somewhere between 13 and 15 inches. His eyelashes are now fully formed and so are his eyes. He will soon start to open and close them. His immune system is already taking in antibodies from me and he's also starting to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid. So in other words, I'm growing a fish.

The good: In some books, week 26 marks the beginning of the third trimester. Not sure how I feel about that. I'm excited but also nervous about the upcoming delivery. B is also able to feel more kicks these days. Every morning he rolls over, lays his hand on my stomach and feels our little wiggle worm moving into a new position. I'm glad he's able to share that with me.

The bad: Swelling is getting a little worse. I now make sure I wear my compression hose every day or my ankles become cankles and my feet no longer fit in flip flops. Just a small price to pay, I guess. Heartburn is also getting a little worse. I notice it more when it's time to eat. I keep Tums on hand when I start to notice flare up.

That's all for this week. I'll check back with you next week for t-13 weeks.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week 25

Hello again! Two posts in one week. Way to go, me! We have arrived at week 25 and things are still moving a long quite nicely. I have to admit, I'm kind of loving this whole pregnancy thing. The thing I love the most is laying in bed feeling the baby move around and kick. When the movements first started, it felt more like kicks but now that the baby is growing so big, the movements feel more like the baby sticks a foot out and then glides it across my stomach. Such an amazing feeling that can never be described to anyone else.

This week, Little B has progressed to the size of a cauliflower. The baby measures about a foot long and weighs a little over a pound and a half. That's a pretty big baby. He is also aware of which way is up and which is down. Hopefully, he will know to start heading south towards the end of all of this. The baby is also beginning to develop some cute baby fat and more hair is starting to grow. Now for the scary part, this kid is growing finger nails. Now, when you say finger nails, most people would picture cute, tiny, little nails on the tips of those cute, tiny, little fingers. To one who is pregnant you picture 10 inch talons that are going to scratch and claw your insides out as you're pushing the baby into his new life. How scary is that?! I'm sure it isn't the way things will happen but it still keeps me up at night. That and the thought of snakes falling on the deck and eating my baby.

The good: My Snoogle pillow. That thing is amazing. I sleep so much better now and I think B has adapted to something else being in the bed with us as well. Like I said before, the kicks are definitely still nice to feel.

The bad: Heartburn is starting to kick in. It doesn't happen all day but usually in the afternoons, either before dinner or shortly after, I feel a little heartburn flare up. It doesn't bother me that much but it is an uncomfortable feeling. I know I've said the movement is amazing but the baby has now grown big enough to stretch way down to my bladder and pelvis. Usually around 7 in the evening, the baby will make a trek down to my internal trampoline and have a little cardio workout. But that isn't the worst part, when he's jumping on my bladder, sometimes he bumps into my pelvis and occasionally, my spine. It doesn't hurt but it is uncomfortable and I sometimes feel a little sore. I've asked B if we can pull a seahorse and let him carry the baby for a little while. He's still thinking about it.

Week 26 may be late or nonexistent due to our upcoming trip to the beach. This will be the first time since our wedding that me and B have ventured back to the location of our wedding. We're super excited but vacation means no computers. 

See ya in a few weeks!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quick Update

HALLELUJAH!!! Angels are singing! After 5 long hours with the cable guy at our house.... we are now connected to the outside world!!! And we have t.v. to boot! And this isn't just regular t.v., this is HD DVR t.v. Where has this DVR thing been all my life?

I don't currently have a picture because B is enjoying the sunny beaches of San Diego right now on a business trip. I'll snap a quick picture tomorrow and give you a full update. Baby is definitely moving around more than normal and has struck up an intense interest in my bladder. Mini trampoline? The baby is also sitting so low that when he kicks, it feels like he's trying to break out of my back. Not painful, just a little on the weird side.

I have to get back to Pretty Little Liars. I've missed three weeks of Red Coat updates.

Until tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

24 weeks and counting

Another long week in the B house. We still don't have internet so I'm currently posting from my husband's office. My doctor appointment was this morning (everything checked out well), lunch at Moe's, and now my poor swollen feet are propped in a chair waiting on him to finish some minor work before the holiday. Everything in week 24 has gone well for me. It hit me in the waiting room this morning that the appointment today was the last before the 3rd trimester starts. Where did this pregnancy go?! My glucose screen is next which should be interesting. They told me I have to fast before I come into the office to get a more accurate reading but the receptionist asked me at the desk if I wanted my next appointment to be in the morning or afternoon...... um..... if I'm fasting, don't you think I'd want a morning time slot?!

Oh well. On to the picture.

This picture is taken from the baby's room! YAY! Unfortunately, next month is baby month so we haven't painted or started decorating just yet. And isn't that just the cutest little chair I'm standing next to?! We got that at Ikea last night as well as an adult size for B too. Now they can match each other.

This week the baby is measuring a little over a pound and is almost a foot long. Her skin is taking on some color and is becoming a little more pink due to the capillaries forming under her skin. Her little lungs are developing it's "branches" and a substance called surfactant is also developing. This helps keep her lungs open so she can breathe. The scariest thing about this week is that I know the baby can come at any time. Even if it is preterm.

The good: I bought a Snoogle. What's a Snoogle you ask? It's the most amazing pillow invention since....well.... EVER! It's c-shaped and contours to my growing belly so I can sleep a little more comfortably. Sleep hasn't escaped me yet but sleeping on my size makes my stomach feel weird and pulls on my hips a little. I'm worried because B has fallen in love with my Snoogle as well. I will fight him to the death if he ever steals it from me.

The bad: Swollen feet is the worst thing right now. I keep compression socks on while I'm at work but I only have a few pairs so the other 4 days of the week that I'm off, my feet swell to the size of watermelons. They no longer fit in my comfortable Bobs so I wear a lot of flip flops but even those are starting to make impressions on my feet at the end of the day. The swelling also makes it hard to walk at night. When I step on the floor it feels like the soles of my feet are going to split in half. But even with the swelling, this pregnancy has been pretty amazing and a little easier that I had anticipated. I'm sure the hard part is to come.

Week 25, here we come!