Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I had a dream a few nights ago that I found a pet baby reindeer named Peter. I got to keep him because his family was on vacation and he needed a safe place to stay. I went to bed last night hoping to dream about him again so I could see how he's doing... It didn't happen.

My dream lead me to a few questions.

What does it mean?
What is the significance of Peter?
How much do reindeers cost?
How much do reindeers shed?
Why does Pizza Hut pizza have to be so greasy?
How does a Christmas cactus know to bloom at Christmas if it doesn't experience the seasons?

Why does Bonnie always look at me like this?

Happy first day of spring!!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

House Hunting

Yes, me and B have taken the leap into searching for a house. Before we started this process, I thought it was going to be as easy as getting a loan, finding a realtor and then BAM. We would have a house. Um, no. That's actually not how it works. In reality it works this way:

1. You search hopelessly on the internet for months looking for a house that you think you'd love.
2. You get stressed out from not finding anything and eat and entire package of Oreo cookies in one sitting.
3. You then realize you need to get a loan first and begin researching it online.
4. After realizing you can get a mega loan, you begin searching for mega houses because after all, the bank says you can afford it, right?
5. Then after punching numbers you notice that if you buy said mega home for mega price, you'll never be able to take mega vacation, replace hot water heater or afford an iTunes song ever again.
6. So, you down an entire Key Lime Pie from Publix. (Seriously, if you've never had one, I recommend it).
7. You start looking for smaller houses so you can have money to live on after your monthly mortgage.
8. You find the "perfect" house.
9. While reading the info section, you notice it's pending lender approval.
10. You get frustrated and depressed so you then decided that every day should be Taco Bell day.

It really has been just like that but I have faith that we will find the house we are meant to have. AAAAAANNNNNDDDDDDD the weather is absolutely beautiful so it's perfect for house hunting!

Whatever you may be doing, please take some time and get outside to enjoy the warm temps we are about to have!