Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day. The day of kissy faces, chocolate, flowers and love all around. Do you know where I spent Valentine's Day?

Take a guess..

I dare you. Go ahead. You'll never figure it out.

Think you've got it?


I spent today at the gynecologist's office. Seriously. I spent the day of love having a pelvic exam and pap smear. But, all is well and I ended up getting to have lunch with B. That's it. That's all I'm getting today and you know what? I'm ok with that.

See, Me and B are pretty good about doing sweet things for each other to show our love throughout the year. Let me give you a few examples.

Last October B traveled somewhere every week of the month. The only place I was able to go with him was to California. He was in Orlando for a huge convention when I got the idea to send a surprise to his room. I was working night shift at the time so I thought I'd send him breakfast room service before I left work. He told me what hotel he was staying at so I looked up the number and gave them a call. I ordered him an omelet breakfast which included coffee, toast, grits and fruit. I was so excited about this. I told the lady to send it to his room around 7:30 am because I wasn't sure what time he would leave the hotel. I was so excited to surprise him so I kept my phone close by so I would get his text or call and about the time I was clocking out at work, my phone started ringing. It was B calling to tell me he loved the surprise but is really sorry to the waitress that brought the tray. See, the lady knocked on the door and screamed room service to wake him up but he knew he didn't order it so he yelled back (from his bed) "I didn't order anything!!!". She replied with "But sir, I have your breakfast here" and he said "No! I didn't order breakfast. Please go away!" She explain it to him one more time and he decided to get out of bed. She didn't even wait to hand it to him. She just left the tray on the floor outside the door and ran away. Poor woman.

Last month B traveled to Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. I got on his iPad and started playing with his notepad app when I got the idea to leave him messages. But instead of in English, I was going to leave them in the languages of the places he would be visiting. I used Google Translator to get the messages just right and I even labeled the notes by the day so he would know which ones to read. I was so proud of my idea! Another day or so went by and it was getting closer to his trip. I ended up on his iPad again and was going to check my notes that I had left but to my surprise, they had been deleted!!!! I freaked out and asked B where the other notes were. He said "I thought I had a virus on my iPad and they were leaving me bogus messages. So I got rid of them". It was the thought that counted, right?

So see, we usually celebrate Valentine's Day every day. Room service, special messages, notes on the bathroom mirror, we pretty much do it all. It's just another day for us but for some women, it may be the only time of year they get flowers or any sort of special gift from their loved one. Today I was at the store and got in line behind an older gentleman that was buying a pot of assorted plants for his wife. He was probably in his 60's but I thought it was so sweet that he was thinking about her today. I love old love. He gives me hope that romance and nice gestures can stay alive in a lengthy marriage.

Those are all my thoughts today for Valentine's Day. Wether you are single, married, dating or "it's complicated", I hope you have a great day.



Thursday, February 7, 2013


Let's talk t.v. I've never been crazy about watching t.v. where I had to be home at a certain time to watch something..... except Lost. Lost was in a different realm. For the last few years my life has been consumed with nursing school and trying to get life situated that I didn't have time for anything. Well, I'm making up for it now.

Downton Abbey

O....M....G am I hooked! What really hasn't happened on Downton this season? I think the saddest part was Lady Sybil's death. It hit out of no where and I sat on the couch and cried. This past week wasn't any better. I think the Dowager said it best when she said to the doctor "... the only way they can conceivably bear their grief is if they face it together." I think I cried again. Maybe I'm just emotional right now..... Either way, I'm really anxious to see what happens. I suspect Mary and Matthew will find out they can't conceive a baby and they'll offer to take baby Sybil with them and raise her. That should be interesting.

Pretty Little Liars

This show has been throwing me for a loop the past few weeks. I understand that we've figure out Toby is clearly part of the "A" team but why isn't Spencer letting the other Liars know about it? Why aren't they confronting Mona if they still know she's "A"? Her anger is driving me insane and throwing off what I understand about the whole show. Also, who else is ready for Caleb to cut his hair off and be the hunk of a man he has the potential to be? Aria and Fitz is a whole other topic too. I understand he is upset by everything that has happened but I'm worried that if he stays gone too long either a.) he'll fall in love with baby mamma or b.) Aria will fall in love with his brother. I'm not ready for a new character so they need to bring him back.... ASAP!!!

Grey's Anatomy

This post wouldn't be complete without a rant from the Grey's corner. I feel like the writers for Grey's Anatomy are losing their edge. A lot of the episodes this half of the season feel like the last. A lot of the story lines are coming to a close and there isn't much to look forward to from week to week. The Hunt-Yang crap is really getting on my nerves. She has clearly changed over the years because she didn't flip out on the family who didn't want the blood transfusion because of their religion. The old Christina would have but yet, she's still in this state of denial over what she really wants from her future. I honestly think she's just afraid to commit. I'm also looking for the lawsuit winners to use their winnings to buy the hospital and become the board. I think Bailey's comment a few weeks ago made Shepard start to think about that one. They have 30 million in their family and they already have their dream home. What else will they do with it?

Ok. I think that's it. I'm done ranting over my shows and we'll just see where they go this week.

Happy watching!