Wednesday, May 29, 2013

19 weeks

Week "20-1" came with a storm. Let's start with the weekend. Me and B had date day on Saturday and ended up in Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta for a jazz festival. We walked around the park and listened to the various high school jazz bands performing. Side note, Me and B both played in high school jazz band. We then ended up at a glass blowing studio to pick up our projects, The Dump furniture store (the name says it all), came home to eat dinner and then caught a late showing of The Hangover 3 (horrible). Everything was great..... until 5 am the next morning. That's when the 24 hour stomach bug hit me. I spent the entire day on the couch napping and trying to keep down (and in) crackers and ginger ale all while wearing a pathway in the carpet between the couch and bathroom. Luckily that passed so that I could work on Monday. Didn't feel fantastic so we didn't take a picture. B also got home late that day because his brother is in the hospital with cellulitis.
Tuesday came and everyone was feeling pretty good at our house. Then I get a text from B around 10 that says he thinks he's caught what I have. Please, God, no. I take care of babies for 12 hours. I don't need to do it when I go home. Sure enough, he went home early with the exact same thing I had. I quarantined him to our bedroom, fed him a Phenergan and camped out on the couch again. He woke up this morning saying he felt groggy but no stomach issues.
Today is Wednesday and he's on a field trip to Houston, Texas. So needless to say, there will be no picture this week. I'm very sorry but things just aren't lining up. I promise to take one next week and you'll get a bonus because our 20 week check up is on Tuesday and we'll have a new picture of Baby Burns. Time for his close up!
This week he is the size of a mango which is pretty large. My uterus is super visible now when I lay down. There's no doubt at all there is something growing in there. He's developing all 5 of his senses (better not be a 6th) and the vernix that will coat and protect his skin is also developing.

The good: I definitely, 100%, positively felt the baby kick on Monday night. What a wonderful feeling. It just felt like a little foot kicked straight out real quick and that was it. Almost like he was telling me he was still in there and progressing along nicely.
The bad: The moods are really starting to surprise me. I'm surprised at how easily I get annoyed by various things but I try really hard to keep my cool and not say the first thing that comes to mind. The other thing that is driving me nuts is how people want to touch my stomach. What's up with that? You aren't just touching my babies home, you're touching my body which is a gross invasion of my personal bubble. The next person who tries to touch it without warning me first will have their hand chopped off. And that's not a mood swing speaking.

That's all for this week. Sorry again for lack of picture. See you next week!!


Monday, May 20, 2013

18 weeks

* Heavy heart tonight. Watching reports about the tornado that has blown through Moore, Oklahoma and left, among many things, an elementary school in it's devastating path.  As many of you know, my sister lives in Midwest City with her family. She said they are fine and the storm was to the south of them. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and first responders tonight. As one woman put it perfectly, the last thing we lose in a tragedy is our faith. I hope they are able to keep their faith in God. *

Today marks the beginning of week 18 (YAY! Even number). Not a lot has changed recently but the progress we are making with purchasing our house has really taken leaps and bounds forward.

This week the baby is the size of a sweet potato. Kind of scary because now the baby doesn't really fit perfectly in my hand any more. I'm getting a little worried about where this baby will go when it's the size of a watermelon. Many reports say the baby is moving around and turning flips. Am I growing a gymnast? He is also getting the hiccups which I think is kind of cute but I'm still not feeling anything certain.

Good things: We're only 2 weeks from getting his picture taken again. EXCITING! I'm also beginning to buy a few more maternity clothing pieces. The dress in my picture isn't from a maternity store but it's from Old Navy off the clearance rack. Their dresses are so loose and light that I'm kept cool but you can tell there's a bump there.

Bad things: Mood swings are taking over. Usually I have a pretty good grasp on them but every once in a while I let it slip and feel terrible. Consider yourself warned if we happen to meet in the near future. Another bad thing is the round ligament pains. They have come back but not as bad as the first time. Now it just feels like I've over stretched a muscle. Not comfortable but bearable. The last bad thing is my poor swollen ankles. They only swell when I'm at work so thankfully they only look bad about every two or three days.

Like I said before, the house purchase has really taken big steps this week. Our appraisal came back with wonderful news, the inspection came back Saturday with amazing results as well and we locked in a rate on our loan. Unfortunately, the closing will have to be moved to mid June because the owner is away for work next week.... as a captain..... of a tugboat...... on the Mississippi River. How cool is that?! I hate we won't be in our "forever home" for another month but I'd rather not rush anyone in the process. It will all fall into place.

Until next time!


Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 17

Here we are again. Another odd numbered week. Week 17. Our last appointment was last week and everything is moving along as planned. B didn't get to accompany me on this one so my mom opted to go instead. I think that was a huge mistake because now she wants to go to all of them.... and there is only one chair in the examination room. They can duke it out for the next appointment which will be at 20 weeks and we'll get another picture because it's the fetal abnormality ultrasound. We could also find out what the sex of the baby is but I'm determined to make it to the delivery room without knowing. But, according to my dreams, I'll be having a girl.

Confession. The weekly pictures make me crazy. I feel like I look like I just got home from Golden Corral. Not that there's a baby living inside  me. I also had resorted to lounging in my pajamas for the night.

This week the baby is the size of an onion. The umbilical cord is getting thicker to carry more nutrients to and from the baby. The baby can also now hear my heartbeat which is pretty exciting too. Last week the baby was able to hear my voice so I've been telling him a lot of secrets. Also, I think we felt the baby kick for the first time on Mother's Day. What a perfect gift. Being that I'm a first time mom, I'm not sure if I was feeling a muscle twitch or my little one twitching but hopefully it was the real deal.

The good: I'm beginning to sleep a little better at night. I still get up to pee but I only get up once and I don't wake up to toss and turn either. So I feel a little bit more rested each morning which helps me get through long work days.

The bad: My legs are beginning to swell. It doesn't bother me too much because it only happens when I've been at work and part of it is my problem because I should be wearing compression socks. My doctor gave me a prescription so I'll have those filled sometime soon. But until then, it gives me a reason to ask for a foot and leg rub from B.
I'm also beginning to find it hard to sleep on my stomach. It doesn't hurt but it is uncomfortable. Plus my ever growing boobs don't help the situation.

I also got my very first Mother's Day gift this weekend. B got me a small stroller charm for my Pandora bracelet and a value size box of diapers. Even though we're planning to do the cloth diapers, we've decided to do disposables for the first 3 weeks while we transition to home life and a new schedule.

There's nothing new on the house front. We're still waiting on the appraisal to be finished which will hopefully be soon. Then we'll move on to the inspection. Still signing 38 page contracts and gathering flesh and blood for the lender but we've heard it's all worth it in the end.

Until next week!

-Pajama Queen

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 16

Where did the last week go?! I can't believe I'm already at 16 weeks. Confession. I like the even numbered weeks better than the odd numbered. Weird, huh? Who cares?! Here's the picture!

Last week at work I was sitting in shift report and two other ladies walked in and were asking me about my pregnancy. One asked to see the bump because she's on nights and doesn't see me often. She was super excited when I showed her and lady #2 sitting next to her said "Wow! You're really showing to only be 15 weeks along!!". I think I cried a little. I've spent the last week feeling huge until I stepped on the scale this morning and realized that I hadn't gained any weight at all in the past 3 weeks. I feel vindicated now.

This week has been pretty stressful. I'm sure you felt that from last week's post. Most of the stress we are feeling is from buying a house. Sorry I haven't updated on that but everyone finally settled on an agreement with the house we like and now we're in a "binding contact". Then everything fell apart which lead us to the most stressful week of our lives. Everyone has always said that buying a house would be so much fun but they failed to mention how we would be signing a 38 page Good Faith Estimate or resigning the binding contract 5 times over.

Then more dreams and fears started. These are real conversations:

(First thing one morning after a horrible night of sleep)
B: I have a new worry about the house.
W: Really? What's up?
B: I'm worried I didn't do enough research about the house.
W: Not possible. You know a little too much about it. What didn't you research?
B: I didn't check out if it were haunted or not.

I really wanted to kill him.

Later on that day in a text message.

B: You make fun of me now but it's all fun and games until the dog starts crawling on the ceiling and spitting up pea soup.

A few days later.

B: I'm a little worried about the pond in the front yard.
W: I think everything will be ok. The baby won't be walking for a while and then we'll be watching them close after that.
B: No. I'm worried about how many mosquitoes and snakes it will bring around.
W: Oh. That's legit. Why don't we look at getting a cat when we move in? Usually they take care of nasty snakes outside.
B: Nah. I'm thinking we should get a mongoose.

Does anyone know how much a mongoose costs?

Back to baby. This week starts the beginning of feeling the baby move. Haven't felt it yet but I'm sure it's coming. He's also moving his chest up and down to practice for breathing when he gets here. If you're unfamiliar with how the baby's body works in utero compared to after delivery, check it out. It's pretty amazing stuff. He's also developing hair and eyelashes...... hopefully it won't be red like B's. God help me if this kid comes out with flaming red hair.

Good stuff this week: My crazy adult/pregnancy acne is going away. Maybe the three days of no work and no make up helped that along a little. Maternity clothes are starting to look a little more appropriate on me.

Bad stuff this week: Pregnancy brain. This isn't so bad until you try to put spices in the silverware drawer. Then you feel like a complete idiot. Shortness of breath. I thought this was showing up a little early but all of my books and apps say it's pretty common around week 16 because the uterus and baby are starting to crowd my lungs.

I'm leaving you with the Bonnie picture of the week also.

-Mongoose Mama