Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paint Update

Guess what homegirl got to do today?!

Yep! I got more of my lady cave painted! I'm hoping to finish the last wall on Monday and start staining the concrete. After that, I will have to add a shoe mold and paint that as well. Then I will be able to decorate. 

That's such a long way away. 

Also, the best quote of the night come from B.

Me: (talking to J) are you going to cut grass in your underwear?

B: What a dream.

Please don't drive by our house in the summer when there's a faint chance B could be cutting grass. You may get a little more than you bargained for.

-The New Grass Cutter

Friday, February 27, 2015

Insert Title Here

Sometimes at work we get a little slow while waiting on our patients to come up from L&D so we stand around showing each other pictures of our little ones at home. I came across this today....

This is J protesting me cooking, cleaning, unloading the dishwasher, peeing, showering, living...

This is all he did while B was away. I'm so glad B is back. Now J lays on his feet!!


Thursday, February 26, 2015


Guess who's back home tonight!? That's right, B. 

And guess who failed to pay attention to my many hints for chocolate covered, almond stuffed dates? That's right, B.

Welcome back, B.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GA Snow

So maybe the south exaggerates when we hear the "S" word. I'm actually sleeping in the hospital I work at tonight. Not too bad. I have great coworkers and I'm fortunate enough to have an employer that is willing to compensate me for my time away from my family. Too bad no one is at home anyway. Remember, B is flying in from his business trip tomorrow morning and J stayed with my mom so I would have been alone anyway.

You know what's weird about delivering your baby at the same hospital you work at? You end up sleeping in that same place when the weather is questionable. I sit in the bed and I'm instantly taken back to the night of October 14, 2013 when I had my sweet little man. It's a little different this time. I'm not in complete shock that a human that didn't look like a  Van Gogh painting came out of my body and I'll be able to sleep easier knowing I'm not listening out for a chocking baby. But I kind of miss that night, as stressful and adrenaline driven as it was. I miss my big little guy being a little little guy. I miss that first night in the hospital when B and I were more connected than we've ever been. We were so exhausted but so silly from happiness, we didn't even care that we hadn't slept in almost 24 hours. We knew our life had changed forever and we were so excited to embrace everything that was coming our way.

We've come a long way since that night. While I miss it and still have some fond memories, I love how big J is now and even more, I love watching him explore the world around him. I wouldn't trade this stage of life for anything. So for tonight, I'll just enjoy the nostalgia of it all and reminisce on time passed. Oh and I'll enjoy a full night of sleep. Something that was absent from my life for about 3 months after my last stay. :)

-Home Sick, Baby Sick and Hubby Sick Mama

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of Dandruff

What the what?! We gots some snow! Just a little which is exactly how we like it! I actually completely forgot we were supposed to get a dusting last night until I received two text messages with pictures of other people's snow. I looked out our window and saw the 100 Acre Forest behind the house was covered in white. I really love how beautiful our house is when it snows. 

Like I said, not a ton but enough for us to go have a little fun.

Look who's excited!

Until I dressed him and took him outside. Then we weren't so sure anymore. Thug.

But he soon warmed up to it all.

He loved to feel the snow crunch beneath his tiny feet.

Then he got really excited and ran through the snow. Look at that nose!

Whoa. Mom of the Year forgot tissues when we went outside. That's ok, right M? Snack time!

Anyway. I also got a few shots of the flowers and nature around the house.

My mom always has to remind me what bush this is but it only flowers during the winter. It really helps us get through the cold weather.

And check it out, B. There's a tiny bit of new growth on our Japanese Maple! Also found some frog baby blobbies in the pond too!

All in all, this is about how much we got. I hear tomorrow is going to be worse. :(

- Frozen Solid

Monday, February 23, 2015


Dear B,

J was eating chicken nuggets for his dinner and had a coughing fit. Poor fella. Anyway, he accidentally coughed a piece of chicken out of his mouth and then on the floor. Dog ran over and ate it. 

Then I barfed. 

Hope you're enjoying your chicken coughing free trip! 

Over there, does a camel eat stray food? 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Uh oh

Dear B,

J has learned the meaning of and how to say "no". Come home soon. I fear control is shifting and I'm not sure I can handle this on my own. The word "no" is thrown out by the tiny family member and if demands aren't obeyed, torture ensues.

You know what would make this situation better, chocolate covered, almond stuffed, dates. Thanks.

-Bottom of the Totem Pole

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What Day Is It, Again?

Hey, B! If I have my times and days right, you're getting up and it's Sunday, right? And Sunday means a work day for the Saudis? Well, have a great day at work. Don't let the other kids pick on you because you're a red head with a beard in a desert country. Don't forget your lunch money and let's try not befriending any prostitutes this time, k? ;)

Things are good here. J is still full swing in his "let's slap mom and pull her hair" phase so you aren't missing much. 

Be thankful of that time you spent on the beach today because we've had sleet and frozen rain for the past 24 hours. Btw, did you get the picture I sent you of the boat last year? Maybe dewinterizing that bad boy in March isn't such a terrible idea after all.

Have a good and productive day!


P.s. Still not digging international travel.

Friday, February 20, 2015

He's My Favorite

That kid of mine. He takes my breath away each and every day. It wasn't always like this. There were days when he was a newborn that I questioned if I was ever going to love him and now I can't imagine my life without him.

This morning he woke up and instead of crying or whining, he proceeded to giggle and gasp at who knows what. I was a little spooked but I also thought it was the cutest sound I've ever heard. I then mustered up enough strength and self control (to not stay in bed) to go get him. He was giggling because he was jumping up and down in his crib. You know those birds that have the crazy hair that sticks out on both sides?

Yeah, that guy. Ok, maybe it's a penguin. Still counts, right? Anyway, this is what J's hair looks like early in the morning. Cracks. Me. Up.

The best part of the day?


How awesome is this pirate bed? I'm pretty sure no kid ever sleeps in this bed at all. J definitely wouldn't and for that matter, B wouldn't either. Think, Chandler and the race car bed. If you don't understand that reference, we aren't friends. J/k.......

Oh and B. I thought I would use my blog as an update section for B while he's away. I promise to never be a sap and say smoochy, disgusting things. I don't do that when he's here so why start now.


Well, one thing is for sure, you not being here definitely confirms that you're a bed hog. Since you've left, I've noticed that you've been training me for the past 4 years to sleep on only 1 foot of the bed. Kind of like when Sheldon trained Penny to lower her voice by using chocolates. But that all changes tonight. Tonight is starfish night. Tonight I will sleep with each of my appendages pointed to a different corner of this king sized bed. Which basically means I'm going to sleep on the hump in the middle of the bed that we've created over the last year.

Also, we apparently have this white stuff called snow on the ground. Not sure what the weather guys are all excited about. It really just looks like the trees have dandruff. Dandruff that has probably turned our driveway into a frozen ski slope and I didn't park a vehicle at the top of the drive way. Do you think we could start holding some Olympic events in the front yard? Nah, the city probably wouldn't approve.

Please remember me tomorrow while you're sitting on the beach.


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I had 6 straight days off? I thought I would be extremely productive and get a bunch of things done like, paint the craft room, sweep and possibly mop the floors, wash the clothes (I can't mix match socks any longer), deep clean the bathroom sinks (a small community has taken up residence on that spot) and maybe sort through the clothes J can't wear anymore. That's all down the drain because....


Yep, has become my new obsession and I haven't moved from the couch since finding it. Of course, I still love me some Pinterest and Ravelry will always be my go to for crochet patterns but Craftgawker is straight from blogs and the patterns are FREE! Um.... I like free. I also love to see what people are making in their own time.

Also, we're up for some more ice tomorrow even though a lot of people are still without power. The B house has been very fortunate to have kept our power the last 3 days and have only lost a few pesky trees across our driveway. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are still living in one room of their house due to a power outage. My thoughts also go out to the linemen (and women) who are working around the clock to restore power to all of those families. I am thankful for what you do and your work definitely doesn't go unnoticed. 

Does anyone suddenly break out in song to "Wichita Lineman" when they hear the word "lineman"? 

I am a lineman from the county. And I drive the main road. 


Now you will.

You're welcome.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Short And Sweet

Today I worked day 3 of my 3 day work week. It was also the last of a 3 in a row stint. Now I have 6 days off and B will be on a business trip. You know what that means? 


And 6 straight days with my little man.

It's the little things in life.

-Pathetic Mom

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

That Face

I got this picture half way through my morning:

And the caption said, "I turned my head for one minute and he put jelly in his hair."

It totally made my day for two reasons1.) because I was having an adrenaline packed morning and needed to slow down and 2.) because I didn't have to clean jelly out of J's hair. 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice, Ice, Baby

This is a tree outside the hospital I work at. This was right before I started climbing in the truck and slipped on the thick ice on the running boards, fell on the ground and rammed the door into the neighboring car. Oops. Luckily, the other car was already beat up so you really can't see it. 

Then I came home and started down the driveway. I accidentally side swiped a frozen tree branch and stopped before I hit the next tree. The truck took a lot of hits today. B decided that I wouldn't make it so he back the truck back up the driveway, while I held the trees back, and parked at the church. So I have an interesting hike ahead of me tomorrow morning.

I. Hate. Ice.

Now we're listening to trees falling in the woods, praying they will miss us. 

The best part of my day? J puckered up and wanted a kiss from me! The first time!! I don't even care that I kissed smith, bubble bath and soup on that tiny face. 

-Never Been Kissed

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Usual

It's almost 10 pm on a Sunday night and we haven't eaten dinner yet. Wanna know why? Because I suck at homemade pizza. So, if any of you out there have a good homemade dough recipe that cooperates and doesn't double as something I can tie to the end of someone's leg to help anchor them to the bottom of the lake, do share!

This week's menu looks like this:

Sunday: Homemade pizza
Monday: Pasta e Fagioli
Tuesday: Spaghetti
Wednesday:Fish tacos
Thursday: Hotdogs
Friday: Not sure. Plans are a little up in the air.

Also, saw this on Pinterest and had to share.

Yes, please disconnect the tail lights so the EMTs can remove you from the trunk instead of the police. Does anyone else think "life hacks" need to go away?

-Hungry, Tired and Frustrated

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where Was My Head

I can't believe I actually forgot about a post! We came home from the painting adventure and I reminded myself to do it but fell into a nice warm bed (thanks to my electric blanket) and went to sleep. 

What do I do now? Do I quit? Do I keep going? I think I'm going to continue on. Forge ahead. Keep on keepin' on. This has become somewhat therapeutic for me and apparently, it's the only way B will listen to my thoughts. 

So without further ado, my thoughts for the night. Are you listening, B? 

S.) A winter storm watch is in effect for our area so now I'm posed with the questions of, do I go to the store now or tomorrow when the rest of the crazies are out? How many gallons of milk and loaves of bread do I need for no reason at all? And do I have enough recorded episodes of Downton to get me through? 

92.) A lady sitting across from me and B at the painting last night said we needed counseling. Thanks.

T.) I wish B would take the hint and paint the craft room for me. 

164.) I have ran for chocolate and cupcakes. Come on, Krispy Kreme! I'm waiting on you. 

E.) I put 10 packets of sugar in my coffe. There! It's out! Stop judging me when you walk in the break room. I like coffe with my cream and sugar. When does it become syrup?



So, pretend this is from yesterday. Me and B had date night last night and got home late. I went straight to bed and forgot to post. Here's what we did...

Fun, right? I'll post a little more later. There are great stories from the night.

- The Artist

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Remember when you were little and you would anxiously watch the weather forecast during the winter to see if it would snow so you could be out of school? Do you remember being on pins and needles while you wait for the first feathery flake to fall from the sky? Do you remember the tribal snow dance you would do in the front yard while chanting to the snow gods?

Well, people get ready. There is a snow flake on the forecast. And now that I'm an adult, this means something completely different to me. It means that I now have to pack a bag with all my personal girlie things to take to work with me. Last year during Snowpocalypse I made the idiotic mistake of not packing a bug out bag because I didn't have to work the next day. Well, fate had different plans. I ended up sleeping on a "daddy bed" in a patient gown and wearing the mesh panties we give to the patients. Sexy, I know.

See?! I definitely wasn't lying but this time I'll actually prepare myself. And that includes going to the store and buying the entire truck's worth of milk, bread and eggs. Oh and beer. Lots of beer. One year it snowed and me and B ended up walking to Publix because we ran out of food. Doesn't that sound like a great old story.

"I walked 3 miles, up hill, both ways, to a Publix in the buzzard of '11. We warmed up in the Hobby Lobby so we could make it the rest of the way. We carried our groceries back in a book bag. Imagine, a book bag full of London Broil and beer."

-Currently Warm and Cozy

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brain Fart

I asked B for a blog topic tonight and he couldn't give me anything. What good is he?

This is a recap of the last 3 days that I worked. Monday I woke up and couldn't find my shoes. Then I couldn't find my work jacket. Next I went into the kitchen and dripped old coffee grounds on the floor all the way to the trash can. Then B tried to make coffee and instead spilled half the scoop on the floor. You win, Monday.

Tuesday morning I went outside to crank my car and locked myself out of the house. You're drunk, Tuesday, go home.

This morning I got up and saw the sun rising on my way to work. Then when I pulled into the parking lot and the Macarena came on.


You win, Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Love....

I love....

taking my bra off at the end of the day. It's like wine but better.

putting in new contacts.

cleaning my ears out with q-tips.

smelling J's freshly cleaned diapers.

inserting foley catheters. There's just something about urine return that excites me. Mainly because I know I didn't get the vagina..... again. (TMI?)

seeing plants poke through the ground in the early spring.

opening the mailbox and seeing the newest edition of Food Network.

pasta. You know what? Let's just say carbs. 


book stores.

finally laying down at the end of a long day.


Monday, February 9, 2015

The J

The little guy is hanging out with his grandparents tonight and I'm not sure what to do with myself. You would think I'd be dancing around the house ecstatic because there's no bath time and bedtime routine but it's actually the opposite. I miss him terribly and I end up looking through my phone at pictures and videos of him all night long. He's even spending TWO nights with the grandparents this week. I'll need to find new pictures by Friday.

Those rolls! I miss them!

Ok. Let's get serious for a minute. I'm an incredibly sarcastic person and so is B but I do know when I need to be serious. In my post last night, I used a phrase that could have been taken literally and for that, I want to apologize. I would never dream of harming this beautiful little person in my life. I love him so much so that there are times when we are discussing number 2, that I panic because I can't imagine taking the love I have for J and giving it to someone else. I can't imagine there's room in my heart for both.

I hope that those of you who read my blog get a little giggle at the end of the day. That's all I'm here for. Well, that and to read all of the Dove messages and own all of Old Navy's sleep pants.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

The View

Before you think it, let me stop you. This DEFINITELY isn't a post about that ridiculous talk show. I just wanted to share my view today with you.

Who doesn't love a semi good book in the warm sunshine. "Semi good" because I've been on this book for about 3 months and I'm just not that into it. I know it's a classic (In Cold Blood) but I'm just not digging it.

We're on day 2 of King Cranky Pants and we're all starting to wear thin. If this is any indication of what the "Terrible Twos" will be like, help me, Lord so I don't beat my child... Ha! J/K. No but seriously. Even though we had a tough day and I'm pretty sure the neighbors were about to call D-FACS because J pitched a royal fit to end all fits today in the yard, I was reading Green Eggs And Ham to him after his bath and when we got to the part about the train, he pulled his paci out of his mouth and said "Choo choo!" I melted.

I miss him.


I need sleep before I can miss him.

 And peace.

 And wine.

Now for this week's menu. I'm a day late. Forgive me. Did you even read the last paragraph?! (Said in a very Chandler Bing-ish way.)

Saturday: Grilled hotdogs, mac and cheese, peas and peaches. Dessert was grilled bananas with chocolate chips and marshmallows.
Sunday: Grilled BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans. Dessert was baked apple bread which I substituted the eggs in the recipe for pureed bananas. Tasty.
Monday: Bacon Carbonara
Tuesday: Homefries which is usually made with kielbasa but I'm using chorizo instead. M, I'll let you know how it turns out.
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Salmon with black beans, cilantro lime rice and avocado salsa.
Friday: Well, this is a special night. I don't work but it's Friday the 13th and the busiest group in our on call system is on. To make it worse, the busiest doctor in that group is taking call. AND we're moving the patients from our new unit to the old for the new one to be cleaned. Yep, those ladies will need cocktails and we plan on meeting to share them together.

That's it for the day. Pray for us.

- Losing It

Saturday, February 7, 2015


HELLO SPRING!!!! Boy, have I missed you. Just don't tell Winter you've been here. She may get jealous and retaliate.

Seriously, it was amazing today here in God's Country. But nothing like where my sister, M, lives. She's looking at 74 degree temps.... in Midwest City, Oklahoma! It's supposed to be cold and snowy there this time of year. 

We were able to get outside today and our psyche really thanked us. I pruned some bushes and planted a few things. B replanted our Japanese Maple Tree. Say a prayer for it. Hopefully we didn't just lose a $200+ tree that we did t have to pay for. And J, sweet J, he did great outside today. He had a mad case of the grumpies this morning and went down for a 3 hour nap. After that, he spent his day outside being attacked by limbs in the yard, eating dirt and learning his boundaries with the pond.

While we're discussing sweet J, his diaper rash is cleared up!! And as the result of a few experiments, the cloth diapers weren't causing it. I still think we have a little ways to go on his digestion. We need to find the right balance of starches and fruits but we're off to a decent start. 

Also, have you been introduced to playlists on YouTube? I dare you to watch an 80's music playlist. I'm glad parachute pants and hairspray died. 

-Raised In The 90's

Friday, February 6, 2015

First Time For Everything

I came down to the basement to see how far B had come on a project. This is what I saw.
Oh. You don't see it? Let me show you another.

See those little feet? Dare I keep going?

I must be getting close to the source because they're brighter.

I know what you're thinking, there must be a mess somewhere. Well, there wasn't.

Except for this.

Oh this too.

And this too.

This is what you get when you lock a busy daddy, 1 year old and a hidden bottle of baby powder in the same room while you take a shower.

The funny part is he did this same thing this morning in our bathroom with a bottle of Gold Bond.

-Baby Fresh

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Convo With B

Allow me to set the scene. Me and B were watching a recorded episode of The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon is definitely on my list.. but that's beside the point. The guest stars were Reece Witherspoon and Steve Carrell. The following conversation occurred.

B: Do you ever see a celebrity and wonder what the smell like?
Me: Um.... Nope. Do you?
B: Yeah. Like, I think she would smell like Victoria's Secret perfume.
Me: I get that. What about Steve?
B: Eh. Sandalwood and leather.
Me: What about me?
B: A nurse. Chili dogs.

Ooooooooooook. Maybe I should take two showers a day or maybe use Victoria's Secret perfume.

-Smelly Cat

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

That Just Happened

I put J in the shower with me tonight so B could run out for milk. J usually likes to play in the shaving cream in the wall but I turned around and found him..... "exploring" himself. And then he peed in his own face. 

Yep. That happened. 

Happy Hump Day!

- W

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Inside My Head

My conversation with B went a little like this last night:

B: Whatcha blogging about over there?
Me: Not sure. Lots of thoughts.
B: I like reading your blogs.
Me: Really?! (All kinds of excited!)
B: Yeah. It's all the thoughts that go unspoken. The ones in your head I don't get to hear.

Well, here ya go, B. You asked for it.

~ I wonder what Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's marriage is like? Does she sometimes want to punch him in the face like most of us want to do to our own husbands?

~ How does B stand to trim his beard around his toothbrush? Um... ew.

~ Why doesn't J give me all of his sweet kisses like he does with B? Does my breath smell bad? It can't possibly be worse than his own.

~ Golden Girls Theme Song

~ I want to write a letter to the make up artists on the set of Modern Family and tell them, for the love of God, pull back Sofia Vergara's hair!!

~ I hope someone fed the dog today.

~ Who came up with Pinterest? They're total billionaires and now I'm sucked into yet another "easy as pie" idea I could have come up with on my own. Like, Snuggies. Seriously, how many times did you turn a robe backwards and wear it to stay warm?

~ Friends Theme Song

~ I wonder when 19 Kid and Counting will come back on?


Monday, February 2, 2015

Let's Talk Cloth

Here it is. My crunchy mom moment.... I'm a cloth diaper user. Yes, instead of running out to the store to spend $35+ on a box of disposable diapers, I choose to strap on a cute pocket cloth diaper and then wash the poo off when finished. Call me crazy but I love my cloth diapers. Until recently. Poor J has developed a nasty little rash on his cute baby tushy and I can't seem to get rid of it. I've worked on his diet. You know, the basics. I've cut out fruit for a little while, I then cut out milk to see if he had a lactose issue and now I'm beginning to wonder if it is my beloved diapers. I've never had this bad of an issue since J was born. He's always had his rashes from antibiotics or teething. This is a whole new ball game.

For. Serious. Look at that precious hiney in his green diaper!

Rumparooz just happens to be one of my favorite brands in my stash. I've learned how J needs to wear them. He gets away with a single stuff, unbuttoned during the day but he has to be in a double stuffed, BumGenius at night or he leaks every where and he started sleeping through the night at a month and a half so I don't plan on getting up in the middle of the night now.

But sometimes we just go in our Birthday suit.

Isn't that the greatest hiney you've ever seen!!! Those dimples, those rolls.. I can't handle this.

Cross your fingers it isn't the diapers and actually something else. Here's some reasoning.

If it were the diapers, we would have more of an issue in the mornings too because he pees all night long and the rash would be all over the area that the diaper is covering but this is a rash that is generalized to his bottom. Maybe it's something that is coming out of this body that is acidic and causing the rash. Bile? Fruit juices? Who knows. All I do know is, I've researched normal toddler poop pictures so much tonight that I may actually have dreams about it later.

I'll keep you posted on the diaper rash developments as I get more information.

-Poop Aficionado

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Commercial Bowl 2015

Anyone else watching Commercial Bowl 2015? Anyone else on the verge of tears with each and every one? This is crazy! Or maybe it's my hormones. 

This is what B thinks.

Not sure why he's grumpin'. I fed him and prepped his dinners for the week. Oh yeah, that's the salsa I linked yesterday. Amazing as usual. And the pork chops tonight were awesome and super quick. I recommend them.

Also, big congrats to B. His chili got Most Original award today at church! Way to go, B. He isn't so excited. He says it's the "Well This Is Interesting" award. A win is a win and winners get sprinkles!