Thursday, February 12, 2015


Remember when you were little and you would anxiously watch the weather forecast during the winter to see if it would snow so you could be out of school? Do you remember being on pins and needles while you wait for the first feathery flake to fall from the sky? Do you remember the tribal snow dance you would do in the front yard while chanting to the snow gods?

Well, people get ready. There is a snow flake on the forecast. And now that I'm an adult, this means something completely different to me. It means that I now have to pack a bag with all my personal girlie things to take to work with me. Last year during Snowpocalypse I made the idiotic mistake of not packing a bug out bag because I didn't have to work the next day. Well, fate had different plans. I ended up sleeping on a "daddy bed" in a patient gown and wearing the mesh panties we give to the patients. Sexy, I know.

See?! I definitely wasn't lying but this time I'll actually prepare myself. And that includes going to the store and buying the entire truck's worth of milk, bread and eggs. Oh and beer. Lots of beer. One year it snowed and me and B ended up walking to Publix because we ran out of food. Doesn't that sound like a great old story.

"I walked 3 miles, up hill, both ways, to a Publix in the buzzard of '11. We warmed up in the Hobby Lobby so we could make it the rest of the way. We carried our groceries back in a book bag. Imagine, a book bag full of London Broil and beer."

-Currently Warm and Cozy


  1. I remember waking up every hour, to look out, praying I would see the moon reflecting on a white blanket that covered the yard...and then being told i couldn't play in it till we took pictures of the house because it was so those were fun times!

    Hope you don't need a bug out bag!!

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    1. I remember when parents prayed it would NOT snow.