Friday, February 20, 2015

He's My Favorite

That kid of mine. He takes my breath away each and every day. It wasn't always like this. There were days when he was a newborn that I questioned if I was ever going to love him and now I can't imagine my life without him.

This morning he woke up and instead of crying or whining, he proceeded to giggle and gasp at who knows what. I was a little spooked but I also thought it was the cutest sound I've ever heard. I then mustered up enough strength and self control (to not stay in bed) to go get him. He was giggling because he was jumping up and down in his crib. You know those birds that have the crazy hair that sticks out on both sides?

Yeah, that guy. Ok, maybe it's a penguin. Still counts, right? Anyway, this is what J's hair looks like early in the morning. Cracks. Me. Up.

The best part of the day?


How awesome is this pirate bed? I'm pretty sure no kid ever sleeps in this bed at all. J definitely wouldn't and for that matter, B wouldn't either. Think, Chandler and the race car bed. If you don't understand that reference, we aren't friends. J/k.......

Oh and B. I thought I would use my blog as an update section for B while he's away. I promise to never be a sap and say smoochy, disgusting things. I don't do that when he's here so why start now.


Well, one thing is for sure, you not being here definitely confirms that you're a bed hog. Since you've left, I've noticed that you've been training me for the past 4 years to sleep on only 1 foot of the bed. Kind of like when Sheldon trained Penny to lower her voice by using chocolates. But that all changes tonight. Tonight is starfish night. Tonight I will sleep with each of my appendages pointed to a different corner of this king sized bed. Which basically means I'm going to sleep on the hump in the middle of the bed that we've created over the last year.

Also, we apparently have this white stuff called snow on the ground. Not sure what the weather guys are all excited about. It really just looks like the trees have dandruff. Dandruff that has probably turned our driveway into a frozen ski slope and I didn't park a vehicle at the top of the drive way. Do you think we could start holding some Olympic events in the front yard? Nah, the city probably wouldn't approve.

Please remember me tomorrow while you're sitting on the beach.


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