Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of Dandruff

What the what?! We gots some snow! Just a little which is exactly how we like it! I actually completely forgot we were supposed to get a dusting last night until I received two text messages with pictures of other people's snow. I looked out our window and saw the 100 Acre Forest behind the house was covered in white. I really love how beautiful our house is when it snows. 

Like I said, not a ton but enough for us to go have a little fun.

Look who's excited!

Until I dressed him and took him outside. Then we weren't so sure anymore. Thug.

But he soon warmed up to it all.

He loved to feel the snow crunch beneath his tiny feet.

Then he got really excited and ran through the snow. Look at that nose!

Whoa. Mom of the Year forgot tissues when we went outside. That's ok, right M? Snack time!

Anyway. I also got a few shots of the flowers and nature around the house.

My mom always has to remind me what bush this is but it only flowers during the winter. It really helps us get through the cold weather.

And check it out, B. There's a tiny bit of new growth on our Japanese Maple! Also found some frog baby blobbies in the pond too!

All in all, this is about how much we got. I hear tomorrow is going to be worse. :(

- Frozen Solid

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