Friday, April 25, 2014

My 6 Monther

About a week ago I took J to the pediatrician and this is what happened.

Yep. "Little guy" sat on the couch next to me as if we were long lost friends having a conversation. Lugging around a car seat with an 18 pound baby inside is getting a little tiring so I've been trying to just carry him when I know I won't be holding him very long. 

Yes, I said 18 pounds. But look at those fat rolls. Don't you want to squeeze 'em? 

That leads me to my other part of the pediatrician appointment. I've been a little concerned because J isn't rolling over. He has performed this magical feat only three times and it think they where all by accident. The ped told me that large babies tend to not roll around a lot because they think that mom will eventually come and roll them over. So my baby is fat AND lazy. Great. I prefer to think of J's laziness as him trying to save his energy for figuring things like the sippy cup. 

Oh, Lordy. That brings me to the next big development. The sippy cup. Poor kid has NO CLUE how to work a sippy cup. B got the bright idea to take the stopper out and let him give it a go that way. He kind of started to drown but hey, we got a drinking and swimming lesson all at one time. 

At the beginning of the week of his appointment, daycare reminded me that pictures were being done. So, of course, I am a boy mom and I will never miss an opportunity to a: put a bow tie on my baby and b: have my kid sport a Mohawk. 

Oh yeah. That happened.

I can't wait to see the pictures!

Here are a few close ups of the growing boy.


I seriously want to eat that kid up!

We're planning our first beach trip for next month. B has fair skin and so does J. That being said, does anyone know where I can by 60 SPF sunblock by the box?

Until next time.

- Typical Boy Mom