Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GA Snow

So maybe the south exaggerates when we hear the "S" word. I'm actually sleeping in the hospital I work at tonight. Not too bad. I have great coworkers and I'm fortunate enough to have an employer that is willing to compensate me for my time away from my family. Too bad no one is at home anyway. Remember, B is flying in from his business trip tomorrow morning and J stayed with my mom so I would have been alone anyway.

You know what's weird about delivering your baby at the same hospital you work at? You end up sleeping in that same place when the weather is questionable. I sit in the bed and I'm instantly taken back to the night of October 14, 2013 when I had my sweet little man. It's a little different this time. I'm not in complete shock that a human that didn't look like a  Van Gogh painting came out of my body and I'll be able to sleep easier knowing I'm not listening out for a chocking baby. But I kind of miss that night, as stressful and adrenaline driven as it was. I miss my big little guy being a little little guy. I miss that first night in the hospital when B and I were more connected than we've ever been. We were so exhausted but so silly from happiness, we didn't even care that we hadn't slept in almost 24 hours. We knew our life had changed forever and we were so excited to embrace everything that was coming our way.

We've come a long way since that night. While I miss it and still have some fond memories, I love how big J is now and even more, I love watching him explore the world around him. I wouldn't trade this stage of life for anything. So for tonight, I'll just enjoy the nostalgia of it all and reminisce on time passed. Oh and I'll enjoy a full night of sleep. Something that was absent from my life for about 3 months after my last stay. :)

-Home Sick, Baby Sick and Hubby Sick Mama

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