Saturday, February 21, 2015

What Day Is It, Again?

Hey, B! If I have my times and days right, you're getting up and it's Sunday, right? And Sunday means a work day for the Saudis? Well, have a great day at work. Don't let the other kids pick on you because you're a red head with a beard in a desert country. Don't forget your lunch money and let's try not befriending any prostitutes this time, k? ;)

Things are good here. J is still full swing in his "let's slap mom and pull her hair" phase so you aren't missing much. 

Be thankful of that time you spent on the beach today because we've had sleet and frozen rain for the past 24 hours. Btw, did you get the picture I sent you of the boat last year? Maybe dewinterizing that bad boy in March isn't such a terrible idea after all.

Have a good and productive day!


P.s. Still not digging international travel.

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