Saturday, February 14, 2015

Where Was My Head

I can't believe I actually forgot about a post! We came home from the painting adventure and I reminded myself to do it but fell into a nice warm bed (thanks to my electric blanket) and went to sleep. 

What do I do now? Do I quit? Do I keep going? I think I'm going to continue on. Forge ahead. Keep on keepin' on. This has become somewhat therapeutic for me and apparently, it's the only way B will listen to my thoughts. 

So without further ado, my thoughts for the night. Are you listening, B? 

S.) A winter storm watch is in effect for our area so now I'm posed with the questions of, do I go to the store now or tomorrow when the rest of the crazies are out? How many gallons of milk and loaves of bread do I need for no reason at all? And do I have enough recorded episodes of Downton to get me through? 

92.) A lady sitting across from me and B at the painting last night said we needed counseling. Thanks.

T.) I wish B would take the hint and paint the craft room for me. 

164.) I have ran for chocolate and cupcakes. Come on, Krispy Kreme! I'm waiting on you. 

E.) I put 10 packets of sugar in my coffe. There! It's out! Stop judging me when you walk in the break room. I like coffe with my cream and sugar. When does it become syrup?


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