Wednesday, May 29, 2013

19 weeks

Week "20-1" came with a storm. Let's start with the weekend. Me and B had date day on Saturday and ended up in Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta for a jazz festival. We walked around the park and listened to the various high school jazz bands performing. Side note, Me and B both played in high school jazz band. We then ended up at a glass blowing studio to pick up our projects, The Dump furniture store (the name says it all), came home to eat dinner and then caught a late showing of The Hangover 3 (horrible). Everything was great..... until 5 am the next morning. That's when the 24 hour stomach bug hit me. I spent the entire day on the couch napping and trying to keep down (and in) crackers and ginger ale all while wearing a pathway in the carpet between the couch and bathroom. Luckily that passed so that I could work on Monday. Didn't feel fantastic so we didn't take a picture. B also got home late that day because his brother is in the hospital with cellulitis.
Tuesday came and everyone was feeling pretty good at our house. Then I get a text from B around 10 that says he thinks he's caught what I have. Please, God, no. I take care of babies for 12 hours. I don't need to do it when I go home. Sure enough, he went home early with the exact same thing I had. I quarantined him to our bedroom, fed him a Phenergan and camped out on the couch again. He woke up this morning saying he felt groggy but no stomach issues.
Today is Wednesday and he's on a field trip to Houston, Texas. So needless to say, there will be no picture this week. I'm very sorry but things just aren't lining up. I promise to take one next week and you'll get a bonus because our 20 week check up is on Tuesday and we'll have a new picture of Baby Burns. Time for his close up!
This week he is the size of a mango which is pretty large. My uterus is super visible now when I lay down. There's no doubt at all there is something growing in there. He's developing all 5 of his senses (better not be a 6th) and the vernix that will coat and protect his skin is also developing.

The good: I definitely, 100%, positively felt the baby kick on Monday night. What a wonderful feeling. It just felt like a little foot kicked straight out real quick and that was it. Almost like he was telling me he was still in there and progressing along nicely.
The bad: The moods are really starting to surprise me. I'm surprised at how easily I get annoyed by various things but I try really hard to keep my cool and not say the first thing that comes to mind. The other thing that is driving me nuts is how people want to touch my stomach. What's up with that? You aren't just touching my babies home, you're touching my body which is a gross invasion of my personal bubble. The next person who tries to touch it without warning me first will have their hand chopped off. And that's not a mood swing speaking.

That's all for this week. Sorry again for lack of picture. See you next week!!


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