Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 17

Here we are again. Another odd numbered week. Week 17. Our last appointment was last week and everything is moving along as planned. B didn't get to accompany me on this one so my mom opted to go instead. I think that was a huge mistake because now she wants to go to all of them.... and there is only one chair in the examination room. They can duke it out for the next appointment which will be at 20 weeks and we'll get another picture because it's the fetal abnormality ultrasound. We could also find out what the sex of the baby is but I'm determined to make it to the delivery room without knowing. But, according to my dreams, I'll be having a girl.

Confession. The weekly pictures make me crazy. I feel like I look like I just got home from Golden Corral. Not that there's a baby living inside  me. I also had resorted to lounging in my pajamas for the night.

This week the baby is the size of an onion. The umbilical cord is getting thicker to carry more nutrients to and from the baby. The baby can also now hear my heartbeat which is pretty exciting too. Last week the baby was able to hear my voice so I've been telling him a lot of secrets. Also, I think we felt the baby kick for the first time on Mother's Day. What a perfect gift. Being that I'm a first time mom, I'm not sure if I was feeling a muscle twitch or my little one twitching but hopefully it was the real deal.

The good: I'm beginning to sleep a little better at night. I still get up to pee but I only get up once and I don't wake up to toss and turn either. So I feel a little bit more rested each morning which helps me get through long work days.

The bad: My legs are beginning to swell. It doesn't bother me too much because it only happens when I've been at work and part of it is my problem because I should be wearing compression socks. My doctor gave me a prescription so I'll have those filled sometime soon. But until then, it gives me a reason to ask for a foot and leg rub from B.
I'm also beginning to find it hard to sleep on my stomach. It doesn't hurt but it is uncomfortable. Plus my ever growing boobs don't help the situation.

I also got my very first Mother's Day gift this weekend. B got me a small stroller charm for my Pandora bracelet and a value size box of diapers. Even though we're planning to do the cloth diapers, we've decided to do disposables for the first 3 weeks while we transition to home life and a new schedule.

There's nothing new on the house front. We're still waiting on the appraisal to be finished which will hopefully be soon. Then we'll move on to the inspection. Still signing 38 page contracts and gathering flesh and blood for the lender but we've heard it's all worth it in the end.

Until next week!

-Pajama Queen

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