Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quick Update

HALLELUJAH!!! Angels are singing! After 5 long hours with the cable guy at our house.... we are now connected to the outside world!!! And we have t.v. to boot! And this isn't just regular t.v., this is HD DVR t.v. Where has this DVR thing been all my life?

I don't currently have a picture because B is enjoying the sunny beaches of San Diego right now on a business trip. I'll snap a quick picture tomorrow and give you a full update. Baby is definitely moving around more than normal and has struck up an intense interest in my bladder. Mini trampoline? The baby is also sitting so low that when he kicks, it feels like he's trying to break out of my back. Not painful, just a little on the weird side.

I have to get back to Pretty Little Liars. I've missed three weeks of Red Coat updates.

Until tomorrow!


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