Tuesday, July 2, 2013

24 weeks and counting

Another long week in the B house. We still don't have internet so I'm currently posting from my husband's office. My doctor appointment was this morning (everything checked out well), lunch at Moe's, and now my poor swollen feet are propped in a chair waiting on him to finish some minor work before the holiday. Everything in week 24 has gone well for me. It hit me in the waiting room this morning that the appointment today was the last before the 3rd trimester starts. Where did this pregnancy go?! My glucose screen is next which should be interesting. They told me I have to fast before I come into the office to get a more accurate reading but the receptionist asked me at the desk if I wanted my next appointment to be in the morning or afternoon...... um..... if I'm fasting, don't you think I'd want a morning time slot?!

Oh well. On to the picture.

This picture is taken from the baby's room! YAY! Unfortunately, next month is baby month so we haven't painted or started decorating just yet. And isn't that just the cutest little chair I'm standing next to?! We got that at Ikea last night as well as an adult size for B too. Now they can match each other.

This week the baby is measuring a little over a pound and is almost a foot long. Her skin is taking on some color and is becoming a little more pink due to the capillaries forming under her skin. Her little lungs are developing it's "branches" and a substance called surfactant is also developing. This helps keep her lungs open so she can breathe. The scariest thing about this week is that I know the baby can come at any time. Even if it is preterm.

The good: I bought a Snoogle. What's a Snoogle you ask? It's the most amazing pillow invention since....well.... EVER! It's c-shaped and contours to my growing belly so I can sleep a little more comfortably. Sleep hasn't escaped me yet but sleeping on my size makes my stomach feel weird and pulls on my hips a little. I'm worried because B has fallen in love with my Snoogle as well. I will fight him to the death if he ever steals it from me.

The bad: Swollen feet is the worst thing right now. I keep compression socks on while I'm at work but I only have a few pairs so the other 4 days of the week that I'm off, my feet swell to the size of watermelons. They no longer fit in my comfortable Bobs so I wear a lot of flip flops but even those are starting to make impressions on my feet at the end of the day. The swelling also makes it hard to walk at night. When I step on the floor it feels like the soles of my feet are going to split in half. But even with the swelling, this pregnancy has been pretty amazing and a little easier that I had anticipated. I'm sure the hard part is to come.

Week 25, here we come!


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