Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 23

Hi, friends! It's been a while since my last post. Last week was a little crazy because..... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! I'm excited now but the first mortgage payment hasn't come yet. We won't have internet or cable for another 3 weeks so my posts might be a little spacey and our phones barely get service because the house is nestled in the woods. We're loving the new place and I hope to post some pictures later on. We're planning to paint the living room, bedroom and office soon so I'll post some after that.

This week's picture is a little different. In the picture is my brother, J. This picture is more of a recreation of an older picture that we have. In the old picture, the two people are my aunt who was pregnant with her first and my dad's big stomach. My mom thought it would be fun to have one of the two of us. Please excuse his silly face. That isn't how he normally looks.

So, week 23. The baby is now the size of a grapefruit. Also, this week baby has a fully developed face and eyes! The baby can also hear my voice and heartbeat as well as voices and sounds outside his little home. B has started talking to the baby but I think he feels a little crazy and only does it every once in a while. Here's a fun fact for you, when babies are born they really like to hear a heartbeat and mom's voice because it reminds them of where they came from but the voice they really LOVE to hear is dad's voice. So, talk away, B!

The Good: I'm loving feeling Little B kick around in there. The kicks are becoming more frequent and more prominent. B has been able to feel a few but every time I grab his attention to feel the baby, the baby decides to get stage fright and stops moving. And obviously, the house is a good thing too. We can now start to think about decorating the nursery.

The Bad: Ankle swelling is getting worse. I now wear prescription compression socks but my belly is getting so big that I can't really put on socks and shoes anymore. I wear a lot of flip flops these days. Also, the baby has found my bladder. I'm pretty sure she sees it as a play thing and loves to kick it but that causes me to run to the bathroom, praying I won't pee all over myself. The last bad thing developed last week. I have started having preterm contractions. Poo. I called my physician and the nurse at the office said that it's pretty normal as long as they only happen once in a while. She also instructed me to drink plenty of water and rest when I can. Since then, I haven't had any but I'm still keeping a watchful eye.

Until next week!!



  1. The House is amazing!! It's perfect for y'all's growing family!!

    Getting even more excited about Baby B!!! Take it easy girl ��

  2. I love how Bryan is smushed in between the bellies in this picture. :)