Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 21

What a week this has been already! I know I haven't been keeping everyone properly updated on the house progression so here's the latest. WE CLOSE ON FRIDAY!!! We are super excited to be moving into our forever home, emphasis on forever, and now we're also getting very nervous.  It's a big undertaking to buy a house. This particular one has been kept in fantastic condition so there isn't a lot of  "fixing up" we will have to do but there will be a lot of maintaining to be done. First, the house comes with a hot tub which we know nothing about maintaining, a well manicured lawn which we will be "manicuring" ourselves and a pond that has 3 giant snapping turtles residing in currently. All of this and the fact that it's just much bigger than our apartment so it's more cleaning and up keep. I think we will be fine but it hasn't kept me from having strange dreams. 

One night I dreamt that we found alligators in the pond and they ate the cat that is supposed to eat the snakes. When I told B about this dream, his response was "Oh yeah. They found an alligator in a pond near my office". His office is in the middle of the city. I'm surprised he survived that conversation.

Another night I dreamt that a snake climbed up a tree, fell onto our deck, crawled into the house, into the baby's crib, and ate my baby. B's response here was "Only non-venemous snakes crawl up trees". SERIOUSLY!!!?? That's what he got from that dream?! 

Enrollment for "How to Talk To Preggo Women 101" has began.

Sheesh. Pray for me.

But to the heart of the matter of this post. I'm almost certain I'm growing a ninja. The kicks are stronger and more frequent. The baby is starting to develop a sleep schedule so now I can better predict when my little one will be practicing it's karate chops. 

This week the baby is the size of a carrot or pomegranate. Neither of which I could find at the grocery store. Strange, right? I'm sorry my picture isn't like it normally is. My photographer is living it up in fabulous New Orleans this week and had me working like a dog on Monday to pack. Ok, maybe not a dog (because our's is crazy lazy) but he had me packing the extra light weight and easy stuff. The baby is now making meconium which will be the surprise B finds in the first few diapers. He also now has eye lids and lashes. 

While I was home visiting my mom, I had the opportunity to have an extra special ultrasound done outside my OB's office. This is what we found:

Yep, that's a sweet little hand. Right after the picture was taken, the little fingers curled over as if the baby were waving. Such a sweet moment I got to spend with my mom. 

That's all I have for today. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture on Friday of our new house!! Unfortunately, the current owner has told the power company that he wants to end his service on Friday but we can't start the service in our name until Monday which means, no electricity over the weekend. And because the utilities are through one office in the city limits, there will also be no water. B wants to camp out all weekend but I have to work all weekend. Our first night will probably be Monday. Pray for us that night too. I'm sure we won't sleep at all.

Have a great week!

-W and Ninja

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