Monday, January 26, 2015

A Day In The Life

Today was a pretty typical day for us so I thought I'd share just what goes on behind the scenes.

0700- B's phone alarm goes off. I'm still in LaLa Land with Mr. Beckham so I go back to sleep.
0800- I'm up and amazed that J didn't wake me first. I walk into the kitchen to find B in the laundry room fixing my dryer. It has started screaming midway through the cycle. Can you hear it "NOOOO! Not another load of baby clothes!" Sorry, Dryer, I'm just as tired as you are of teeny, tiny shirts and socks...oh the socks. But here's some grease. Now get moving!!!
0830- Still wondering why J isn't up but enjoying being able to drink a cup of coffee. Do you know how many times I drink cold coffee? And don't even get me started on actually being able to finish the whole cup.
0845- My little master calls out. Good bye, warm coffee. Hello, first dirty diaper of the day.
0900- Animal Crackers and milk is an acceptable breakfast, right?
0930- The battle between dog, baby and mom begins.
1000- So, maybe I should actually make something for us to eat. After surveying the fridge, fried SPAM and egg sandwiches it is! Still acceptable, right?
1030- Breakfast is done and we're off and running again. B is traveling today so we need clothes washed, bags packed, itineraries matched up and he still has to take calls while doing all of this.
1045- Just found J sucking on the trashcan lid. No joke. I guess breakfast wasn't acceptable enough.
1100- Dog is banished to the bedroom and J is rounded up to the living room. I seriously get tired of saying "J, don't feed the dog!", "Dog, quit licking him on the face!", "No, Dog, those are J's treats!" and "J, don't pull on her lips like that!".
1115- Is it nap time yet? J has this train toy that is his favorite and I think I've sang the song 1,864 times this morning. I'm even learning to harmonize with it.
1130- B suggests laying J down for his nap now so there's a chance he will wake up before he has to leave later. SOUNDS FABULOUS! So down we go.
1135- I head to the basement to begin working on my lady cave. I fire up the vacuum and begin sucking all of the spider webs off the walls and then it hits me like a ton of bricks. J thinks the vacuum is the Wicked Witch of the West reincarnated and I'm right below his room. I run to the top of the stairs to find..... a screaming baby.
1145- Nap time, take 2.
1145-1315- Whoo hoo! Got the first coat of primer on the walls!
Yes, you can still tell the original colors of the walls but a second coat was expected.
1315- I hear B's big steps on the floor above me and J's little pitter patter running after him. So sweet but I'm going to play dumb and think he's still asleep.
1320- We sit down to a decent lunch before B has to leave.
1350- B's gone so now we can begin our trek to the store before the week gets crazy.
1400- B calls. It goes like this. B: So I have some bad news. Well, actually it isn't bad news. Scratch that. W: WHAT'S THE NEWS!? B: The box I took to the road for the trash guys to get has blown over and there's trash in the yard. W: Well, that is some bad news don't you think because who's going to pick it up?
1405- Picking up trash in our Stone Mountain-esque front yard. 
1420- I've finally made it to the mecca. Hobby Lobby and the next fight begins. J and a buggy. 
1500- Well, that was painful. There was screaming, there were threats of leaving for the beach, there was throwing of things from the buggy onto the floor and then J had his own melt downs too. Why do I subject myself to this?
1515- The next fighting arena, Walmart. Sorry, no menu. When B isn't here I'm ok channeling my living alone days and eating garlic bread and marinara sauce. Don't worry, Mom, J will eat just fine.
1600- Back in the care and headed home. J is quiet in the back seat. We're at a pivotal point in the day. I can let him fall asleep and make sure he's awake by 6 so he will be tired by at least 8 or I can risk keeping him awake til 7 and he will fall asleep easily. Sometimes mom just needs that second nap time. We decide to forge ahead and stay awake. Fingers crossed.
1700- I'm regretting my no nap decision. But now we're in too far to turn back.
1800- Dinner time!! Finally! Ravioli and fruit it is. I don't think his white tray will ever be white again.
1830- I share my shower with my little red monster. 
1845- We're done with a shower and now the next battle of the day begins.... getting J clothed for bed. The kid loves being naked!
1900- He's fed, bathed, dressed, wrapped in his blanket and sucking on his paci. "You Are My Sunshine" is the song of the night and we're passing the paci back and forth. It's his favorite game to play right before he goes to bed.
1910- He's fast asleep and in his crib. I miss him already.

Unfortunately, this isn't the end of the night. The dishwasher still needs to be unloaded and loaded again, clothes need to be started in the washer and the dryer needs to be sweet talked into cooperating. J's diaper bag needs to be prepped for tomorrow and I still have to talk to B when he lands in snowy Toronto. Then I get to go to bed and start all over again tomorrow. 

To some, this schedule is exhausting. Don't worry, I'm exhausted just reliving it all but to me all of this is mommy hood and I love every minute!