Friday, January 30, 2015


I love going through the pictures on my phone. I always end up coming across a few pictures I had that remind me of some fond memories I had started to forget. 

Take a stroll down memory lane, will you? Don't worry, I'm using the pictures on my phone so it's a very short stroll.

This was from the morning J had his ear tubes put in. He really isn't that upset. He was playing in the car and bumped his mouth on the steering wheel.

Ok, I just heard that.

Maybe he was pretty upset.

Ah. The boat. Have I told you how much I miss warm weather?

I made my laundry room pretty!! I'll never stencil again!

Nope. That isn't J! That's B!! 

Dinner on the boat. There are two restaurants that have socks on the lake so you can float right up. So much fun!

J's first plane ride! He squealed for the first hour and then slept.

Crazy hair after a nap. I LOVE his expression!

Grandma buys him the weirdest toys.

He's a big helper in the kitchen... Shhh. Don't let B see him on the dishwasher door.

I have no clue but I want to squeeze that tiny, sweet, cuddle monster face!

Aw! Can I go wake him up now!!?? I need some snuggle bum love in my life!!