Saturday, January 31, 2015


This is what dinner looks like in the B house:

Don't you sometimes wish you could take off your clothes and fully devour your food? Napkins are so overrated. At least he's practicing with forks and spoons, right?

Tomorrow is going to be busy with Sunday school, church and a church chili cook off that B entered himself in so I decided to do the weekly shopping today.

Here's the menu:

Saturday: Burgers, squash and corn (Yes, it was 53 today and we think it's now summer.)
Sunday: Buffalo Pork Chops and salsa
Monday: Chicken Taco Bowls
Tuesday: Lasagna (made ahead for easiness)
Wednesday: Broccoli Chicken Stir Fry
Thursday: Cornbread and Navy beans
Friday: Parent's night at daycare

Yes, you read that right. Broccoli Chicken Stir Fry again this week. This is one of B's "divorce dishes". Meaning, if we part ways, he gets to keep this recipe. It's his favorite and last week he made it but instead of broccoli (which the store was out of) he used asparagus. It was horrible and he wants to redeem himself. But J ate the asparagus which was a total surprise.

I like trying to use dishes from one night for another night. The salsa with the pork chops on Sunday will be used in the dish for Monday night. And I'll do one better for you. My grocery bill this week for these meals was less than $140. That also included a few household things I needed and the items for the double batch of white chicken chili that B is making tomorrow.

Have a great Saturday night. For those of you in the great state of Georgia, 106.1 does Saturday Night Country Gold and we LOVE it! Makes for a great night for Yahtzee and Scrabble.

Wow. We're lame. Sorry.

-Grandma and Grandpa

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