Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Staple

This happened today:

Besides the ridiculous flirty smile, my little man ate at a Georgia staple today. The Varsity. It. Was. Amazing! It's the greasiest food you'll ever subject your GI system to but it's also the best chili dog ever! Can you say "rectum rocket"? 

The best part? He ate it up! Until we had a little blow out incident that lingered up his back resulting in a full wardrobe change on the bathroom. Even worse? He stood stark naked on the changing table with his pants around his ankles and shoes still on and could be seen front and center when the door opened. Poor fella.

Fun fact! Even though my heart belongs to the UGA Bulldogs, a Georgia Tech student is actually the founder of The Varsity. No judgement. Even techies can come up with a few good things every now and then. 

-Still Recovering

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