Friday, January 16, 2015

New Ped

Something very tricky has happened in my blogger world... AND NO ONE ALERTED ME!!!! How dare you! That's ok, I'll forgive you. See, I logged in this morning and realized that there were no posts showing up between the 12th and 15th. I knew that wasn't right because this is probably the only thing I've stuck to this long besides my marriage and there are some questionable days there. When looking over everything, I realized those posts were made from my phone and for some reason didn't get posted due to limited internet connection. So, as a gift, you're getting 3 posts in one day, 2 of which were written on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry for the loss but you have to get better about calling me out on not doing a daily post.

Ok. On to the new pediatrician. So it was great. I was able to sleep in (sort of) and slowly eat our breakfast. With the last pediatrician, we had to be out the door about 45 minutes before we were due in the office. On a map they weren't that far away but when you factored in traffic and red lights, it took much longer to get there. We were supposed to be at the new office at 10:30 and we left at 10:20 with a few minutes to spare! We were waiting in the waiting room and when the nurse came out to take us back, J instantly ran to her with open arms! I was so thrilled.... then we met the doctor. I think he's the head of the practice and is about ready to retire. He wasn't the friendliest but I know people have their days.

He started out his assessment with the usual head to toe look over and then we started talking about J's development. He told me that this is a vital age to begin introducing various foods to him, which we do, and then said "He needs to be eating vegetables and fruits so he's used to them when he's older. You know, he needs to eat things that are grown on a farm. Not all this junk food people feed their kids." Yes, grandpa, he eats a fruit and vegetable with lunch and dinner.

Then he needed to check out J's little J. I use cloth diapers and have loved them! It's one of the decisions that I've been happiest with when it comes to J. I absentmindedly chose a snap closure diaper and as he was trying to put the diaper back together he said "Ugh. I don't know how to work these new things." I told him I would take care of it and to not worry. Seriously, I felt like my granddad was checking him out and if you know him then you know that wouldn't be a wise decision.

We finished the visit with a lovely shot in the thigh and headed home. It wouldn't be until 5 that evening, while I was cooking dinner, that J would suddenly remember he had a shot and scream bloody murder. Good times all around!

All in all the visit was good. Even though I will probably find a younger doctor in the group next time, J checked out well. He had a little wax build up in his left ear so cross your fingers for no infection. He's measuring just like his dad; slim and tall. He's in the 65% for his height (above average) but 44% (below average) for his weight. Not surprising because he hasn't gained weight since he was 6 months old. And for some reason, he kept pinching his chest after I took his shirt off. Weirdo.


Don't ask on the socks. I felt like he needed to keep them on.


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