Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fun Facts

1. I eat Dove's chocolates for the message inside. Boy can I go through a bag!
24. If I were to be on bed rest, I would demand Golden Girls and Chinese food everyday.
88. I often have arguments with B in my head. I win but he has some compelling arguments.

12. My mom is the strongest person I know. Who else can raise 3 kids alone in her early twenties and then decide 14 years later to do it all again? At least the 4th time she got it right. ;)
13. If she were on bed rest, she would demand MASH and a chocolate chip chocolate pound cake everyday. Oh and milk.
52. For some strange reason, she loves the sound of a slamming porch door. 

10. J has learned how to take off his diaper. God, help us.
13. If given the option to live another day or eat his last bowl of mac and cheese ever, he would totally choose the mac and cheese.
14. The roughest time of the day for us is convincing him he has to put clothes on after a bath. I've tried letting him go without for a little while I always end up cleaning the floor.

1. B is by far the kindest person I know. He was very patient with me after I had J. Thanks, B.
2. If B made the dinner menu, we would live soley off pizza, hotdogs and wonton soup.
84. Even though he's a map maker of the sort, he gets lost in the mall......every......time.

-Tired And Out Of Facts

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