Sunday, January 18, 2015

Womb Hair

So... you probably guessed the "something big" in our house yesterday. Yep, J got a hair cut. This is how the conversation went down:

W: I talked to the pediatrician and they say to leave him rear facing until he's two. (A win for me)

B: Fine. Either we turn him around or we cut his hair.


W: Deal.

Do you know the emotions that go along with cutting your first baby's hair?! I'm sure by kid #5 we won't care anymore but this is the first. We are setting the bar with him and let me tell you, our track record is to set it low. We contemplated going to a local barber that cuts B's hair and then I remembered that here recently, people haven't been very patient taking care of J. Then we discussed going to a local barber in my home town that cut my hair at one time, has always cut my dad's hair and has cut B's a few times but that's a little bit of a drive for a Saturday morning. So, B made the ultimate decision to cut it himself. That conversation went a little like this:

B: I'll just do it myself.

W: Are you for serious?! You can't even cut a straight line in your beard!

B: I'll Google it. We'll be fine.

So, with a year's supply of coffee in our system, we headed to the bathroom. He's so persuasive.

Oh yeah, his highchair doubled as a barber chair.

I was worried we wouldn't get past the part of spraying his hair with a water bottle. Somehow we made it and started throwing things in his lap to keep him happy.

The first cuts were made and I thought I'd be a little more emotional. After all, this is his "womb hair".

Toward the end of the first half, we had to give him his toothbrush to keep him happy. Thank goodness the kid likes to brush his teeth.

He started getting fussy and we couldn't finish in one sitting. He laid down for a nap and then we started again in the garage when he woke up.

This time he was way more cooperative. But his hair wasn't wet so, you guessed it, there was hair all over the place. Including himself.

Babies go through phases of being able to do tricks. This is one of J's. 

"Say cheese!"

I could eat him up!

We finished with a shake down and headed to the mexican restaurant for lunch.... with hair stuck to his shirt.

And there you have it! The very first hair cut. Even though I highly doubted B in the beginning, he did a great job in the end. No surprise there. He's pretty much a perfectionist and does everything right the first time around. 

Maybe the next first hair cut will be a little easier.

-Overly Emotional Over Hair

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  1. Maybe B should open up a little shop in the basement!
    It looks great!!

    Little J is getting so big!