Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I completely forgot to post my dinner menu like I said I would. J went to the grandparent's house Sunday night so we had a date night which pushed my grocery shopping to yesterday. You follow? 

Date night was great. Unbroken was the movie chosen and Waffle House was the dinner option. "Date Night" standards are lowered when you have kids. 

Ok. On to the menu.

Monday: pizza
Tuesday: spaghetti
Wednesday: Speedy chicken stir fry
Thursday: baked potato
Friday: chicken enchiladas (we didn't have it last week)
Saturday: MY BIRTHDAY!!! So, B's treat!

That's all! Happy Tuesday.


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  1. I have been waiting on this post so I could follow. First i want to point out.....My new year's "resolution" was to make menus everyday. I told my BFF about it and she wants to share. I gave her mine and she said what about breakfast and lunch. I said What? I don't cook those. And to go one step further, I don't even plan the sides they just work themselves out. Then Whit posted and you do the same thing! We are two peas in a pod!

    Here goes....
    Saturday we had cubed steak, gravy, mashed potatoes and broccoli
    Sunday we had ...... I am drawing a blank now.
    Monday (Jay and Amanda were off so they cooked) we had shredded beef burritos
    Tuesday we had polish sausage with fried potatoes (Amanda's all time favorite)
    Wednesday...I made some taco meat last night, it's in there for whatever they want to do with it.
    Thursday chicken and rice
    Friday I forget. I am trying this from memory and it is not working out very well. I will add Friday to next week.

    We shopped on Saturday morning which was wrong cause it seemed like all the crazies were out. Haha.