Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our Day

"Potty training" has been a focus in our house the last few weeks. J has been giving us signs that he's getting ready to start and we don't want to miss our window so we've been introducing him to the potty slowly. Today, he wouldn't keep a diaper on so he ran around in the buff. Only a handful of potty accidents on the floor but I was impressed with him. Here are a few pictures to sum it up.

I moved the potty in the living room as a plan to get him to stay on the potty long enough to finish his business.

But he eventually wanted to play with one of his outside toys and this little creature hitched a ride. Imagine my fear when my coffee deprived brain saw this from a distance.

Then Grandma came to have lunch so it was only appropriate that the potty be moved to the sitting area off the kitchen. 

He was so wound up with all the excitement that nap time was a full on fight. For the first time in probably a year, I held him while he slept. If I had know that the last time I did that was actually the last time, I would have taken a moment to breathe him in, remember the feel of his little body rising and falling with each breath and listen to the little noises he makes in his sleep. But today, I got the chance one more time.

And boy, did I soak it up.

Good luck to the daycare staff with him tomorrow!


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