Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day (the fun version)

Yesterday, we celebrated B. He doesn't get that chance very often so we went all out for the occasion. We started the day with french toast casserole and Bloody Mary's. After church, we met with my parents for a Father's Day fiesta and then napped when we got home. We ended our day out on the boat for a dinner on the shore.

But more importantly, I got to see my little fish coming out to play! Literally, J has become a little fish in the water and I couldn't love it more!

Gosh. That is a beautiful face if I do say so myself. And he's getting more precious by the day. We practiced Happy Daddy Day for a solid 48 hours before we needed to say it but we kept getting stuck on daddy. He felt like he needed to point out who daddy was and call him each time.

We found the perfect beach to sit on and have our Father's Day dinner. It was a little island outside of a camp ground so we were able to bring Dog with us. She was a different kind of fun.

Oh yeah. She chased the ducks and swam almost across the cove chasing this guy. Eventually she gave into defeat and came back. But that's when the fun started.

We were standing on the shore getting dinner together when we heard something large and heavy running through the woods above us. I quickly took a peek around B and saw Dog standing beside me. I then met a very concerned look on B's face. We both knew the dog was standing behind us and there was something else making a threatening sound. 

We were still trying to wrap our heads around what was happening when a deer barreled off the side of this cliff and fell into the water.

Then the deer proceeded to swim the entire way across the cove but she didn't escape Dog's ears. Oh no. Our trusty coonhound, having spotted what probably looked like a large swimming hotdog, felt the need to go catch the deer so she too swam all the way across. We stood in disbelief and began to laugh. It was then that B decided he should probably drive the boat over and fetch the dog from the campsite. Luckily, she didn't follow the deer too far and met B on the other side. 

Never a dull moment. We had a great time. J loved the water and I think B did. The fish kept "biting" him. He said it was because he thinks he looked like a pasty white worm to them. Who knows.

Watch out! Pasty Worm is on the hunt!

Happy Father's Day, B! I'm so happy to have chosen you in this adventure.

I also have to say Happy Father's Day to the original man in my life, my own dad. He's been so amazing throughout my entire life and has always supported me in everything I have done. And most importantly, to keep on smilin'.


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