Monday, March 23, 2015

The Monster

No. I'm not talking about J. But I am considering an exorcism to remove the demon from within his tiny body.



The monster I'm talking about lurks deep within the pond in our front yard. Let me first say that I'm pretty proud of my little ecosystem. We have hawks that eat all kinds of things (on the dock railing), salamanders that happen to be losing their tails right now (hawk related?), frog and frog babies, moles (how do we get rid of them?), snakes and this guy...

Do you see him? Do you see his nasty, scary face? Let's get a better look.

Yep, that's our resident snapping turtle. You know what's weird? We were actually excited to see him come back to our yard. The pond dried up last fall and he moved out. When it refilled, he came back and decided we were worthy of a second chance. The problem? He didn't bring his lady friend back with him. I'm a little curious as to what happened. Did they get in a fight over how slow she was getting ready to go out? Did she think his pond was trashy and needed a more hospitable environment for the babies that he really didn't want in the first place? At one time there were three turtles. Maybe he came home to find her in his pond with another turtle and he ran both of them off. Good for you, Tiny! Oh yeah, I've named him Tiny. Tiny the snapping turtle.

Enough about his social life. Check out these nails.

Look how big they are! And they're kind of gross but so is he. Maybe that's why she left. We'll never know.

All I do know is, one day I'm going to have to fight little J because he'll want to touch Tiny and I don't think Tiny is a lap turtle. Just a guess.


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