Saturday, March 28, 2015


We went to a surprise birthday party today and stayed put pretty late. How is it that J and B can go from running around, full speed, and then go straight to sleep as soon as they lay down?

For serious!

J was running all over the restaurant, in his usual toddler fashion, and it seemed that as the night continued, he was fueled even more! But we got in the truck and he was sound asleep before we got on the interstate.

B is the same. As soon as the light goes out, princess is in a deep sleep. 


Not so much. My thoughts go a little like this.

Finally! I'm in bed. What a day!
Did I pay the phone bill?
Did someone feed Bonnie?
How can B eat the heel of the bread loaf?
Is that rain I hear? The weather guy said it wouldn't rain tonight. They're useless.
Why do we participate in daylight savings? Isn't it all the same in the long run? 
When will Krispy Kreme come up wth a 5k? 
What Ann decided it was "sexy" for women to shave? What a moron.
And every argument B and I have ever had comes to mind. I think up witty responses and win. Every. Time. Sometimes I wake up angry at him because remembering the argument made me mad. Crazy? Or just a woman thing?

And this goes on for hours. But by this point, B is in a far away land, on a beach, sipping whiskey and coke while Jennifer Anniston calls him "big boy" and caters to his every need. I'm lucky to be in the same airport with Mr. Beckham on my way to our island. 

Such is life.

-Sleepless In Georgia

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