Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Boat

Last year B bought a boat and I thought he was nuts!

Isn't she a beaut? I wasn't sure what to think about her. I've never owned a boat before and my family had one before I came along. I was truly afraid that it wouldn't fit down our driveway and the thought of spending money to dock or store it scared me a little. But after B brought it home, my worries eased a little. Now I'm so excited to get back out on the lake with J this year! Well, B couldn't stand it anymore. He had to get out on the "open water" this weekend. A little chilly but we had a grey time.

Isn't he so cute!? He's also loving his little blue Crocks.

This was also the perfect opportunity to try out the new life jacket we got him for Christmas. He isn't too happy with it right now. His little arms can't lay down by his sides. He isn't excited in this picture.... he just can't move his arms.

Look at those cute toes! I wish I could capture them forever but I'm pretty sure I'd go to jail for that.

Where did his fat thighs go? Now he's just stuck with my knobby knees. Poor guy.

Unfortunately, those were the only pictures I got yesterday. We went to dinner at a lake side restaurant and had a fairly good time.


I lied.

WE HAD A TERRIBLE TIME! J has lost all of the table manners he once had. He screams, throws things, shakes salt all over the table and I actually caught him spit food on the floor! I don't know what's happened to my sweet little baby that would eat everything on his tray and then get down and run around. Meal times have become such a hassle for us. I've been reassured by a lot of parent friends that this is just a phase and one day we will be past it. I don't give a flying fart in space if it's "just a phase", I just want to eat in peace again!

I guess we're just going to be home bound eaters for a little while until I can drive some table manners into him once again.

But the one positive that came out of yesterday? B found the wallet he lost last year. And it had money!

- Stress Eater

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