Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's All Coming To Me Now

So I've heard the suggestion of toddler food and someone else said that when I can't think of something, just post pictures. Well, I'm doing a little bit of both today. I worked today so I'm a little too worn out to post about J's food choices or lack there of so we're moving on to pictures.

We were playing around the Photo Booth app on my computer one morning. This is J in the frog setting.

Phew. I was huge! You know what's funny? I never felt this big. And I can't wait to do it all again.

This was a pretty neat little picture I was able to capture while on B's birthday vacation. The house in the background is a house he spent a lot of his childhood in. He has a lot of memories in this tiny town and we, somehow, stumbled upon it on our drive down. He and J are FaceTime-ing his grandmother whom is from that same town.

This one is from our camping trip to the Keys. Every night in Key West, there is a sunset celebration. Right place at the right time, I guess.

And this is my #1 favorite picture of all time. That's my mom and my little guy. When she's off her cruise and sees this picture, she's going to say "Oh my gosh! Look at those wrinkly hands!" Nah. Those are the hands of a lifetime of hard work. I can only hope that one day my hands will look like that.

Miss you, mom!


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