Thursday, March 26, 2015

Last Night

Last night was an interesting night in the B house. It all started with the fact that I had to work today. You see, J never sleeps well and I never sleep well knowing that the alarm clock is going to start screaming soon. I laid in bed until midnight with my mind running and then I was finally able to drift off to sleep.

Until 2:40 am.

That's when J started singing the chant of his people. It started out with a soft but high pitched "oooo". Then it moved on to "choo choo" then "daddy, daddy" and finally ended with a "o wow o wow o wow". Good times, right?


I laid in bed and listened to him for a solid 20 minutes all the while Sleeping Beauty was resting peacefully beside me. After 20 long minutes of chanting, I decided it was time to go see what new spirit he was conjuring in his crib. I expected to find him sitting up talking to himself or playing with his elephant but he was face down, laying on top of his blankets, talking to himself.

At this point, all of the motion woke up a few of the other housemates. Like, cat and B. B came walking in wanting to know how much Benedryl I should give J. Side note: J has been stuffy and Benedryl helps. I told him 3/4. Of what, I thought he would read my mind. Unfortunately, my spotty instructions yielded a tick's dosage of medicine. I apologized to B and sent him back for the remaining dose. He came back but going from the bright light of the kitchen to the dark of the nursery caused him to drop the syringe on the floor because he couldn't see. At this point, I want to let you know J is definitely not asleep and I'm worried that the longer this little charade goes on, the harder of a time I'll have getting him to go back to sleep.

We find the syringe, dust it off and give it to the smallest king of the house. That's when, if you didn't already think it before, all hell broke loose in our house. Actually, in that tiny room at the end of the hall.

J laid his little head down and started to fall back asleep. As B was walking out the door, Cat decided he was read to get up and play. He found a rogue plastic Easter egg on the floor in J's room and stared batting it around. In a dark fury, B burst back through the door in his "jammies" and began crawling around on the floor trying to catch Cat. Cat darted under the rocking chair then under the crib which B on his furry heels. B finally grabbed a hold of his tail and yanked him out from under the crib.

B was yelling obscenities, Cat was screaming and I'm standing in the middle of the room with J saying "uh oh! Uh oh!". Good times.

After B caught Cat and headed back to the bedroom, J was finally able to settle back down. As I climbed in bed, Cat thought my hands were play toys and began pouncing around on the bed trying to attack me.

Tiny, dumb, cat.

Hopefully tonight won't be quite as eventful as last night. Though as I've typed this entire story, Cat is going ballistic on the conch next to me attacking everything from a sock he drug out of J's room to a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I feel like I'm the sane among the crazy.

-The One Not In The White Coat

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