Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lady's Week

In 13 days I'll be in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. Let's take a look at the temps, shall we.

Bam! That's what I need. And think about this, it's 77 degrees at 7 pm. How awesome is that?

On another fun note today I read about Cat's specific breed of Siamese. All of the websites say one of the main characteristics is a cat that is very attached to their owner. They may even sleep with their head on the same pillow. Cat shares a pillow with me. Every. Night. He's such a pillow hog. 

Don't worry, A. The post about toddler foods is coming up. I haven't consistently been at home with J to give you a good take on what he eats. Don't worry, whatever S is eating is probably the same. If you're feeding him pickles and hotdogs. Whatever keeps them haooy and fed, right?


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