Thursday, August 20, 2015


I'm making a promise. Maybe I'll hold to it a little better than I have this "post every day" deal. Tomorrow I promise to bring you a big fat craft room update/reveal because tomorrow I will enlist your help in getting me through the bathroom remodel that will take place this weekend. Do I expect the bathroom to be finished? 

Not a chance.

But I do hope to be able to walk across new tile by Saturday night. I don't think we have enough cupcakes.

While you wait, check this guy out. Spot. On.

No, K. His name is pronounced Mac Entire. Not Mac En Teary.




  1. Lol it should be Mac En Teary!!! Lol good luck with the bathroom....if you need help let me know...I can bring over wine and cupcakes lol

    1. Or bring Cupcake Wine. Two birds, one stone. That's how we roll in the B house.