Sunday, August 16, 2015

They Erk Me

Things that are bugging me tonight:

1.) Bundt pans. What's the deal here? I've made the same cake two weeks in a row and both times the cake didn't fall out of the pan like cranberry sauce out of its can. The first time I oiled and floured the pan and tried to remove it about an hour after it finished cooking. Last night I just oiled it and let it sit all night before I tried to remove it. What happened, you ask? Well, half the cake fell out of the pan and the other half, so stubbornly, clung to the inside of the pan. I threw the pan down, yelled some not nice things at it and then got ready for church. Don't worry, I prayed extra hard.

2.) Pedestal sinks. Do you know how hard it is to purchase a pedestal sink? A little harder than it sounds. They come in two separate pieces. What's the deal there? The sink basin is only made for one pedestal. SELL THEM TOGETHER!!!!

3.) J's temper tantrums. This is my second not-so-churchly moment of the day. After a lengthy church service (due to new ground breaking and lunch), I sent B to stand in the ridiculous line for food while J and I headed to the playground to wear off some energy. We were walking across the parking lot and J tripped and fell in a pot hole. My arms were full of the things we feel we need to bring into church each Sunday so I set everything down and helped him stand back up. He's such a baby. He falls down and lays there, on his tummy, arms and legs bowed out as if the asphalt is lava. We began to continue our trek across the parking lot and he decided it was time for a tantrum. I stood about 10 feet in front of him, watching while he jumped up and down, screamed and threw his paci only to scream louder because I wouldn't pick it up. All of this was going on in the parking lot. At the front of the parking lot. On Main Street. At 12:30 on a Sunday. You're welcome, Buford, for the show.

That is all for this weekend's frustrations. Happy Monday!!

-Worn Out

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  1. I use bakers joy when I do bunt cakes...comes out perfectly every time!