Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Promise

I promised. So here it is.

Ok, before you storm my house with pitchforks and torches, know this, I've been tearing up tile all day and I didn't expect my craft room post to be like this. My room is actually torn apart because we're moving pipes in preparation for the sink upstairs. 

Good times. 

And this should tell you what's going on in that department.

Oh yeah. Didn't expect this when we pulled the Sheetrock off. Now we have to cut and move pipes around.

But this is from after the tile was taken up. 

I'm pooped and in need of a cupcake.



  1. Just like HGTV...running into things you didn't expect. But I thought that was only TV drama...

    1. That is DEFINITELY not a dramatization. We had to move the vent and drain pipe behind the wall so the sink could be a little more centered with the bathroom. Then we realized we can't mount the sink because the bolt would be running through the pipe. Hopefully the steal bars we put behind the wall helps hold it all in place. Especially with a climbing J.

  2. Looks great!!
    Pssss I like the beer bottle on the table ;-)
    I can't wait to see what the bathroom looks like when it's finished

  3. Beer is an essential remodel tool. Almost more important than a sawzall.