Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It is finally here. The 6 days we've been waiting on for a month!

Our Staycation.

We had started to make plans to go to the beach for a last minute family trip but decided that staying home was ok too. We've planned out a few things to do around our area that J hasn't been able to enjoy just yet. My favorite plan? The train museum. That place is going to blow J's mind.

What are the rules for Staycation?

1.) No work calls or emails. Well, B has already violated this one because he has an hour long call on Tuesday.

2.) No house chores that are done in a speedy fashion. They very rarely are so we'll say this is the gimme.

3.) No alarms. And to enforce this rule, the phones will be on do not disturb until J wakes us up.

4.) Lots of reading. If nothing else gets done this week, I'm going to read at least one chapter of my book. Oh yeah, it takes me that long. There just isn't enough time in the day.

We're pretty excited about it all but as I lay here in bed, I can see a thin layer of sheetrock dust on the dresser. It's all I can do to not grab a shirt and wipe it away. Wish us luck.


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