Monday, August 17, 2015

The Plan

Clearly, my Pinterest board for the bathroom remodel isn't getting through to B so I'll just post all of the ideas here.

Good news! We bought a sink today! Never thought I'd ever be so excited about anything in my life.

Here she is...

Insert ridiculous emoticon with heart eyes here.

And the sink has to have some bling... right?

Definitely running into some road blocks on this one. Turns out, those little ceramic tops on the knobs really add to the price.

The floor will, hopefully, look something like this...

Next up is the lights. We're definitely torn on this one. There are so many great options out there but this is what we're thinking...

But I also like this guy too...

Either way, we'll be putting in some recessed lights too.

We haven't begun to choose the paint for the walls. We know it isn't going to be the current purple so that's a start. We begin Friday.

We have cupcake, chocolate chip pound cake and plenty of rainbow frosting.


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