Thursday, August 27, 2015


Rules were made to be broken, right? Well, I've already broken rule one of Staycation 2k15.

We started our morning out on the back porch for breakfast and coffee. We then walked into town for B to get a haircut and to look through a few shops. We decided to head home and go to Home Depot to get the rest of the supplies needed for the bathroom. As we were getting things together, I noticed my wallet was MIA. I usually leave my work bag in the car when I get home from work so I figured I would check there. 

The panic began when I had emptied the entire contents of my bag into the back seat of my car and no wallet fell out. I remembered I had used my card to get a drink out of the machine for lunch and I figured I hadn't put it back. Then in the mad sprint out the door before they asked me to work extra, my wallet was left behind.

Here's where the rule breaking comes in. I had to call work to get someone to of look and then we drove all the way up there to get it but I got lunch out of the deal so I'm fine with it all.

We've retired to the porch for some book reading. We'll keep at least one rule.


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