Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Beach season might be over but now we're moving into cooler weather and even though we usually have a tendency to read a good book on the beach, sitting next to a fire outside with a good book is just as tempting. Here are a few I've been devouring lately.

1.) Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn Ok, so anything by Gillian Flynn is pretty amazing and she's coming out with a fourth book in Spring of next year! Sign me up, please. I was hooked on Gillian Flynn when I read Dark Places. I then moved on to Gone Girl which was a little....... weird. Finally I tried this one out. Reporter, Camielle Preaker, has to return to her hometown to cover a story on two murders of young girls. Don't let the "young girl" thing throw you off. You kind of don't like them. This book pulled me in in the first few chapters and I was sure I knew who the murderer was up until the last few pages. This is a shorter book and a quick read because you won't be able to put it down.

2.) Autobiography of a Fat Bride: True Tales of Pretend Adulthood by Laurie Notaro  O. M. G. Just read it. I laughed the entire time I read this. This book because my daily giggle. I didn't have a ton of time to dedicate to reading it in one sitting but I would usually read one chapter at a time, laughed until I almost peed, put it down and continue whatever it was I was doing. The chapter with the chicken gizzards is the best.

3.) Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews  What kind of list would this be if it didn't have a chick flick? And I could definitely see Jennifer Anniston playing Cara Kryzik. I had  a craving for a love story and I definitely got it with this one. 

4.) The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins  This has been my latest obsession. I was looking for a book so I was reading a few reviews and this one kept popping up. This book has also been on the New York Time Best Seller list for a few months so I figured it was pretty amazing. Boy was I right. I've been hooked since I started this one but I have to warn you, the chapters are written from different characters perspectives and one actually goes back in time by a year. I didn't pay attention to dates in the beginning and now I'm having to play catch up.

Have any suggestions? I'd love to hear them!



  1. Love Gillian Flynn! Just read Dark Places while at the beach and am now half way through Sharp Objects! Also liked Girl on the Train...PK bought it for me a little while back!!

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