Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Peg

I did it!!!! I used two different saws, a battery powered drill, an electric drill, a stud finder (contrary to B's belief, I didn't find him) and level to hang my peg board.

This is where it started...

You can't just hang a peg board. You have to hang it at least a half inch from the wall for the accessories to hang on the front. 

I hung 6 4x4 inch pieces of wood to accomplish this and I made sure to hang them on the studs. I want my peg board to hold a lot of stuff so it needs to be hung securely. 

After I fasten my pieces in place, I used longer screw to hang the board itself. Again, for security purposes, I wanted the screw to go through the board, wood piece and the stud beneath it.

And my result was this....

I'm very excited. I'm excited because more of my room is coming together but I'm also really proud that I was able to do this in my own. I've been able to do this room almost entirely on my own and for that, I think I deserve a drink. 

And if I have to compare what has been the hardest project, I would say the floor and hanging this board are tied for first place.


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