Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We now have t.v. in the craft room and boy am I excited! Now I can run away and watch Olivia Pope in peace. We're thinking of "cutting the cord" in our house so the basement has been a practice spot with the craft room as the first test subject. I can't say my wires are pretty right now but it's the only way to pick up all 36 channels.

That's what's worrying me about going without cable and just an antenna. I'll lose the ability to sit down in the middle of the day and watch something so stupid, it forces me to take a 3 hour nap. Seriously, I was meant for nightshift. If we get rid of cable, I'll actually have to plan out what I watch and can no longer "accidentally" sit down at the same time a show is coming on. I'll have to face the fact that I have one too many t.v. show addictions. How will I keep up with them all?

It's stressful to think about it all. I also need to pick a new name for the room. "Craft room" is a little too girly. I tried on "Lady Cave" but that makes it sound like a dungeon that's decorated in doilies. Any suggestions are welcome!

-Lady Cave Queen

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