Monday, May 25, 2015

My Day

I was supposed to work today but I was canceled instead. Woo hoo! The down side? I made the cheesecakes I posted about last night for a party today at work. Now I have 18 cheesecake cupcakes that are calling out to me. 

I had a decent breakfast with my guys and then J and I went on a run. Then we got lost. My normal route was a little weirder than normal so I thought we would take an alternate way home. Not a great idea. I found a lot of really steep hills in my little town. Needless to say, my time won't count. 

I then cut the last half of the grass for B and met a new "neighbor". I give it quotes because he lives two streets over but he was still enough of a resource to find out about some break-ins going on. No worries, the guy was caught. I can go back to leaving my keys and wallet in the car now. 

After J's nap we went in search of dinner and a new floatation device for him. Homefry has been deathly afraid of open water swimming. Open water meaning the lake and the hottub. Doesn't look so good for the beach on Thursday. 

We ended the night with a great dinner and I was able to paint my nails. 10 bucks says B won't notice for days even though I did it in the bed next to him. 

Have a great week! Here's to more interesting posts. 


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