Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Tomorrow is a very special day for a lot of people. First of all, tomorrow is the last day of school so it is also someone's graduation. How very exciting for all of these young people. I'm not sure why but I get so excited for the last day of school and I don't even have a school aged child nor am I in classes right now. But something about the end of the school year is still so exciting and magical.

The stores will be filled with little ones and their frazzled mothers as they try, for the third time that week, to refill the refrigerator. People will be traveling into town to watch their loved one walk across a stage that takes them from their dependent, high school years and into an independent life search. And the water parks will be open longer to accommodate the major influx of visitors.

But let's not forget about our graduates. They enter into a new time of life where they will no longer have their hands held every moment of every day. Now they will be expected to show up to class on their own account and will need to pass the class instead of "extra crediting" their way out. They will need to choose a life long career and begin advancing towards that goal. It's a scary thought.

"And everyone's, telling me 'you gotta pick a major, you gotta pick a major'. So, on a dare, I pick paleontology."

Name that show. Extra points if you know who they are speaking to.

The idea that you're entire life is a blank slate and ahead of you is a daunting but exciting thought. Some will fail but some will reach their maximum potential and go on to change the world. I wish them all luck and good blessings. I hope that whatever they choose in life, they are happy.

The other reason tomorrow is exciting? My commute lessens by 15 minutes.

No school= No school traffic= Shorter commute time= Happier me.


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