Friday, April 17, 2015

Toddler Food

I know I've been meaning to post this for a while but I've had a hard time figuring out where to start because the truth is, I have no clue what J eats. He changes his food preferences every single day and I've just learned to roll with it. Some days he loves hotdogs but he wouldn't touch them tonight. He's tried scrambled eggs 10 times and actually ate them once. The thing he is consistent with is fruit. Any fruit you put in front of him, he devours. But, unfortunately, grapes don't get along with his tiny GI system but it is his favorite of all fruits.

Tonight he ate this...

(Yes, that's a tear. He had shots at the pediatrician today and at the end of the day, his thighs swell and get a little sore.)

This was actually his first time trying corn on the cob. I didn't plan on giving him any but he was watching me eat mine and started whining to try it. So he did and he loved it. But, for some reason, he didn't touch his green beans which is something he normally eats. I've also found that the way a meal is prepared can be the deciding factor on if he eats it or not. For example, he loves french fries and will even eat a cubed potato but he hates mashed potatoes and baked potato soup. He loves macaroni and cheese out of a box but isn't too crazy about homemade macaroni and cheese but will eat it any way. 

This particular night he had Spaghettio's. Those are always a safe bet but I want him to have some healthy eating habits too. Plus, he's practicing his spoon skills and this is the perfect dish for that. Milk is also a staple on the dinner tray. Breakfast and dinner I try to get him to drink milk while lunch and snacks are juice oriented. Grandma's house is a special place for chocolate milk. I've learned that grandmothers are just going to be those people that will have different rules at their houses. The quick a new mom learns that, the better off she'll be. But, chocolate milk is also a treat in our house on Friday nights too.

Mornings are the easiest meal we have. He loves "nanas" for breakfast. I usually try to pair it with something so he's full but I think he's more like me and isn't crazy about breakfast. This morning he had a banana and a piece of cheese toast. I sat down to eat breakfast with him and he ended up eating all of my yogurt. The kid LOVES greek yogurt but I'm not sure we want him making such a huge mess first thing in the morning so I feed it to him myself. I occasionally try grits with him too but he hasn't acquired that taste, yet. And he's getting more and more into dry cereal. His favorite used to be waffles but it's hit or miss on that one too. Sometimes he'll eat them up but other times he just isn't in the mood. 

This is another dinner staple in our house, mini ravioli. He can't quite use a spoon with this one but it's great for picking up. Notice the fruit on his tray. Fruit makes it's way onto the tray for every dinner. I need to get better about vegetables but, let's face it, when you know he won't eat it, why waste the money? So, most of the time, the veggies he gets are actually off our own plates. Now that the warmer weather is here, we will probably load up on veggies a little more. One of his favorites is squash and he isn't particular about how it's cooked.

Snacks are the same every day. He either has animal crackers or Goldfish and he gets to choose. These snacks you can find in huge quantities so we always have them around.

I wish I could be a little more help when it comes to what J eats but he is going through so many phases with his food that it's hard to tell what he will eat up and what he will try to throw on the floor.

We usually put about 3 different things on his tray and I hope that he'll eat a little of each. If he's tried everything but ate all of one, I'll usually give him more of that particular thing. Again, I don't believe that he doesn't like something just because he didn't eat it at one meal. I usually wait a few weeks and give it another shot.

We also let him tell us when he's finished. I guess daycare has taught him to lift his plate up and I've taught him to say "All done" so he usually tells us when he's finished. If he didn't eat all of what was on his tray then I make him wait until the next time he has a snack to eat. This is just my own preference. I can't stand when kids graze all day long. I'm not leaving food out all day for him to eat at his convenience and I believe it sets up bad table habits for later on.

Good luck, A, with baby S but just from judging from the pictures you post, he looks incredibly healthy! While you figure out feeding him, I've got to figure out this whole discipline thing. :(


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