Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It All Falls Apart

Today was a half decent day at work.

And then I came home...

First I find Dog in the front yard on her leash. She tends to run around barking at things so we sometimes chain her while she's going potty. I walk over to unchain her and bring her in and what do I see? Blood on the driveway. As if I didn't see enough for the past 12 hours. So in we go.

That's when I spot the ridiculously tired J in the bathtub and an even more tired B trying to tend to him. We agree that I will shower with Dog to clean her up and then we can enjoy the Chipotle I grabbed on the drive home.

15 minutes later, Dog is clean and I'm showering with cold water. That's ok, I've got 5 pounds of amazing fast food mexican, wine and chocolate coming my way.

As we're drying Dog off, she started bleeding again. But just a little. I run to grab a towel and then we've got a blood bath on my WHITE tile bathroom floor. Next comes nurse B with his first aid kit. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide later, I have what looks like a murder scene in my bathroom. Not to mention, all of the ruckus has woken up the little person sleeping in the other room. Who, by the way, had two bowel movements so bad at daycare, that he had to be bathed. Ugh.

Dog drips her way to the garage and I get in a little snuggle time with J. We set up a small operating room in the garage and bandage her foot for a little while. All the while, Cat poops in his litter box across the room. So much for sterile technique.

Now it's time to clean up the blood soaked house while wondering how much blood a dog can actually lose. And I say clean up but I really mean just push the dirt around with a wet mop. It's the closest my floors have come to being mopped in a while.

At 9, we were finally able to sit down and enjoy our dinner and now the grout in my bathroom is stained just like the other bathroom.

I'm done. Wednesday, you win.


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