Monday, April 20, 2015


Today while I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch I heard a little rumble. I decided to check the weather app because it was sunny outside. That's when I saw the tornado warning. I think I pooed a little. I quickly text B who gave me directions to head to the basement. So that's what I did. I headed to the basement with a sleeping J and waited out the storm. 

Oh yeah, Cat and Dog came too.

That's a live weather feed that I wasn't able to watch. 

The storm passed and we were spared but I don't think others south of us were as fortunate. Prayers to them and their families tonight. 

No matter how frightening it was for me, at least I wasn't this guy...

Yup. This is the view B had from his office...

On the 15th floor. Apparently no one told the window cleaners there was a tornadic storm in the area. 

Some serious pooing would have occurred if that were me. 


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  1. If you lived in Oklahoma you would have known about that on Saturday. 😆

    Glad you guys got to safety.